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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Slim Fit Suits – Fashion Trend Slim Fit Suits For Men

What are slim fit suits?

Slim-fit is a style in cutting. Unlike most styles which leave a larger fabric allowance, slim fit suits has a more narrow cut, leaving only a 1-23 leeway. This cut creates a more body-contouring, tapered look. In other words, slim fit suits for men is not only for the select few with Hugh Jackman bodies out there – it also works for the general populace of men with regular bodies. It is simply a matter of finding the right fit. Even places such as Mr. Big & Tall have started carrying pants and blazers in slimmer styles.

This slim fit suits trend opens up the appreciation of the male physique, demonstrating that men can primp and look good as well. It is no longer feminine or homosexual for men to pay attention to more fitted clothing.

Style and Cut to look out for:
1. 3 buttons on the jacket/blazer – anymore and youre making a fashion faux pas.
2. Shoulders should be fitted – no 80s shoulder pads. American styles end at the shoulder bone while English styles peak out a little past the shoulders.
3. Most of the new Double Breasted styles you will see in the upcoming season are Kent style, which is the slimmest of the DB cuts. The Kent cut will create a slimming effect to the waist and also add height due to the extension of the longer lapel to the waist (following the traditional English suits).

-traditional contrasts (think black slim fit suits and white, white collared shirt, diagonal lines from tie, horizontal pinstripes)
-thin tie
-thin, subtle pinstripes

-suit and shirt is color coordinated (ex. dark plum pinstriped suit, bold purple colored tie that coordinates with suit, light collared shirt with subtle purple hues)

-subtle shades of grey
-add a pointed lapel (not suggested if youre a bit bigger – stick to clean cut lines and subtle horizontal pinstripes to elongate the body)

Riding Boots And Fashion

As testimonies to an age old occupation which is still fashionable, horse riding boots have a history of their own to tell. Riding footwear has been first developed for men and an entire masculine hierarchy was mirrored by these items of mens wear.

Commoners had horses as working aids, and would rarely use those to ride. Noblemen however needed riding boots to show their superior social status clearly, while still needing them to be flexible, tall, thick and insulating. The pleasure or parade riders from noblemens courts wore different boots when they were hunting or waging war.

The traditional material of which such footwear was made from was leather. Hunting took riders through dust and thorny bushes and sometimes into swamps. Hunting for food, not for pleasure, meant having to ride for long hours through difficult circumstances and in all seasons. Such footwear has become significantly taller than the knee, and laced at the back of the feet. If the boot itself was shorter, it was worn with chaps and gaiters.

Warfare used to be another activity in close connection to riding. Army riders were noblemen mostly, and their boots were a question of status as well. But wars meant having to ride at various paces with little other things to do sometimes for months. Cavalry forces had to wear uniforms, which meant that special footwear which was at the same time classy and universally easy to wear needed to be designed. The rounded or moderately sharp front design suits most kinds of toe shapes and the more or less precious finishing of the leather involved, as well as the best or less good quality leather used was made to do the rest.

So, although being a typical mens wear item that has gradually translated into the female world afterward, riding boots have always been an object of rigorous functionality standards and social concepts easy to be afterward translated in fashion. Alongside its rather stern look, fashion designers who have been attracted to this challenging footwear have added a lot of subtle elegance to it. Ladies riding boots should not at all be expected to be unisex and the exquisitely different lines of boots that top online specialized stores like BP Country supply are the best proof to that. You must remember that in the last two decades riding boots have in their turn influenced urban fashion design and browsing such collections will have you understand why.

Middle Ages and more inspiration for black dresses

Back then, black dresses were important. There was a time, when color was no longer an essential factor for the veil to the dress. What mattered was the richness of the fabric and embellishments. >

At the time of the Middle Ages wore red dresses with golden decorations, representing royalty and power. In Renaissance times the color was not as important as this was embroidered with precious stones, pearls and diamonds. Around the 1700’s were used extensively pastels.

Initiation and more about fashion

Throughout history, the wedding dress has experienced diversity of shapes, colors and styles. Already in ancient Rome at the wedding dresses was a highlight of religious ritual. Truth is, black was strong, too. Thus, today women can even go for black dresses.

In Egypt, the white presiding over numerous ceremonies, while in the middle Ages, brocade and embroidery became the necessary complement to the wedding of the ladies of the nobility. For some historians, was from the ninth century when the dresses were loaded with more symbolism in ceremonies such as marriages.

Over the years, beliefs, traditions, and symbols are added to attach the ritual of marriage and load of mystery to the bride. Sometimes hides the face behind a veil or simply this goes over the head as a sign of innocence. On a journey to past centuries suggests that brides of ancient Greece and Rome used the veil and wedding ceremonies. At that time, the bride should wear the veil to protect against the evil eye of a rival or envy of the other guests still unmarried who came to witness the wedding.

Today, the veil is part of the wedding dress, especially if the ceremony is religious, and their whiteness is the symbol of innocence. However, in some texts from the collection Fashion History, we read that the veil means “take care of your children. Nowadays, black dresses may be good, and the veil can be of a different color.

A style in every decade

The passage of women for years and have had far-reaching achievements in fashion as a witness. Clearly see the changes in black dresses as a social expression, political and economic in time, while in hindsight is marked each time by a trend. And what else reference that one of the most important suits, if not more important, a woman looks in her life: the wedding dress.

Black dresses a symbol of tradition and conservatism in the world of fashion, also went through several transformations to be influenced by the rapid changes of family, social, political, economic and even technological.

Halloween costume 2014

It is the tricking or treating time of the year and the festival of Halloween has become an annual affair to invest in some really spooky yet stylish costumes. The market for Halloween costumes is growing in a big way with all kinds of new dress-up themes and ideas available in store for adults, kids, and even pets. The festival is said to boost the sales of costumes and candies the most and is celebrated with a lot of pomp.

The word Halloween meaning the “holy evening” falls on the 31st of October every year and is a time specially devoted for the remembrance of the martyrs, saints, and all loyal Christians. The enthusiasm of people knows no bound to celebrate the eeriest and darkest festivals of all. The traditional Halloween activities consist of bonfires, visiting haunted places, watching horror movies, decorating houses with pumpkins, trick or treating, and the most important of all is dressing up to look like a famous character or deck up to look creepy or frightful.

Halloween is celebrated with a lot of joy and galore in Ireland, where the festival originated, America, Canada, England, Mexico, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Austria. However the festival has caught the attention, and moreover the concept of costume parties is what has taken it forward to countries like Japan, China, Hong Kong, and France.

But the Halloween this year is extra special because it is falling on a Friday since 2008, and hence retailers and analysts are expecting it to turn into a weekend affair with families and individuals spending more on their holiday and costumes. In the United States the Halloween sales are expected to reach a dramatic $ 7.4 billion for the year 2014, a great progress from the $ 7 billion sales accounted for in 2013. On an average every individual is expected to spend at least $ 77.52 on the holiday. Therefore, this makes Halloween costumes sales a second big holiday season for apparel retailers after Christmas in America and Canada. United States is also home to many Halloween parades carried out on the occasion of Halloween.

The festival of demons and devils is definitely driving Halloween sales in the US. According to the National Retail Federation, people will be spending $ 1.1 billion on costumes of children, $ 1.4 billion on adult costumes and a whopping $ 350 million on pet costumes. The study also reports that this year one third Americans will either be attending or throwing a Halloween party and expects two third Americans to be buying Halloween costumes, which constitutes 67 percent, the largest percentage ever. For kids cartoon characters, fairy tale characters, and animal costumes remain the most popular items for Halloween. While for pets hot dog, pumpkin, and devil costumes remain the top three most popular outfits. Adult costumes of Zombies, Pirates, Clowns, Witches, Vampires, and Star Wars characters remain all-time favorites.

Kolkata Fashion And Lifestyle Week Defines Style Trends Of India

Indian traditional costumes sets trends in the hands of Kolkata Fashion and lifestyle week.

As Coco Chanel quotes, fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening, Kolkata stands stylish forever. Today, the city is much more than a fashion portal. The charm of this metropolitan lies in its extensively dynamic fashion trends. Fashion and lifestyle changes itself everyday at every moment. In Kolkata, the Kolkata fashion and lifestyle week preserves the age old but well cherished trends along with launching of new trends in fashion. This city has the nerve to play with fashion. With its growing business in fashion and lifestyle, this cultural capital of the country is ready to be Indias focal point for fashion trends even we have no fashion Street as such.

Kolkata fashion and lifestyle Week conceptualizes to set the City of Joy as the next definitive destination for fashion and lifestyle business in India. Kolkata fashion and lifestyle Week over the years has pushed forth pioneering efforts as projectile to the ever growing demands of fashion and lifestyle industry. It had being a dashboard for aspiring models, fashion photographers and apparel designers to launch or strengthening their career firmly both nationally and internationally.

Fashion in India is a vibrant scene, a burgeoning industry with a colorful and glamorous world where new trends are created everyday. Each region of India has a different tradition and the costumes and apparel fabrics changes likewise. Fashion shows like the Kolkata fashion and lifestyle week takes ideas from the rich and varied textile heritage of region specific traditional attires and costumes and incorporate them to latest fashion trends. Designers have changed the way South Indian mundu would look like and played well with gamcha, saree or dhoti, churidars or chunnis, all looks different on the ramp. This is the sole reason why one can find every corner of the country throbbing with trends set by Kolkata fashion and lifestyle week. Rapid Fashion and lifestyle changes and modifications amongst all levels of the society have created markets that help nouvelle fashion designers in their nurturing stages. Gen Next reflects fashion trends in the cosmopolitan metros of India and our city is no exception. India tries out all designs and appreciates efforts of newcomers in the fashion-designing world. Indian fashion has no ugly, beauty is relative. We understand that fashion is something that suits one and not blindly copying trends.

Fashion in India covers a whole range of clothing from ornate clothing to prt lines, sports wear to casual fashions. Fashion in India is continuously evolving as new designers from leading institutes in Kolkata continue to redefine the meaning of Fashion in India through Kolkata fashion and lifestyle week and regular fashion shows. We understand that Indian fashion is traveling and inspiring the world. The latest designs from Armani, fendi, Miyaka all draws inspiration from exotic Indian culture. Kolkata fashion and lifestyle week aims to make fashion and lifestyle business of Kolkata aims to make style business here of international importance both as an industry, a creative canvas and a platform to define future fashions.

Career In Fashion Designing A Promising Job To Get Fame And Money

Life is not a bed of roses, all the time, but it is your skills that can make your journey of life smoother. And to show your skills what will be a better career than fashion designing? No doubt, the field has created a buzz among youngsters. Whether it is a boy or a girl, all find the career a delightful experience of their lives where they are free to share their creative skills. Even in pressure, the work seems interesting and encouraging.

Honestly, being a doctor or engineer is a thing of the past. Todays youth have understood that only money cannot make their future brighter. They actually need more than it. In other words, they need both fame and money which can be fulfilled by the career in fashion designing.

If career consultants advices are to be believed, They find fashion designing a lucrative career in any country. Whether it is a developed country like the United States or the developing nations like India, the demand of fashion is increasing there just like a fire in a jungle.

These experts sayings seem to be true as the developed nations have seen drastic progress in the field of fashion. According to a survey, from the last decade India has seen many top fashion institutes and the list of these institutes is growing from day by day. The growing number of institutes has given a signal that India future for fashion designing is brighter.The day is near when many Indian youngsters find it a profitable career. Youth who are interested in fashion designing would like to get fame as Ritu Kumar, Manish Arora and many more. They are, in fact, a source of inspiration for the youth who want to be a successful fashion designer.

Now, you must want to know the best colleges for fashion designing in India. The list of FDI is huge so it could be confusing for you to choose the best among them. To ward off this doubt, you need to look for an institute which is recognized from NID (National Institute of Design). Also, the institute offers full time program, distance learning and short term programs to meet your needs. The International College of Fashion is one of the best institutes offering such facilities and is recognized by NID. Like other top colleges in India, getting admission into the institute requires your hard labour to qualify common entrance test and personal interview. You are free to apply online or by visiting at its campus for admission.

Top colleges for fashion offer placement in top fashion companies. If you dont want to join the company, you can also start your own fashion house. After graduating from the institute, you are undoubtedly full of positive energy and an attitude to touch the sky. So dont waste your time in thinking much for your career as a fashion designer. If you have a desire to craft your skills, it is fashion designing that offers you to do this. Go ahead to shine like a star

Fashion Trends During The Summer Season

Each season, fashion style and trends change. What is trending in winter is not popular on summers and vice versa. An example of trending clothes during summers is short spring jacket and sleek retro dress. Here are some of the trending fashions during summer seasons.

Floral Fashion

One of the most popular outfits during the summer is clothes with floral patterns. You will see a lot of girls wearing clothes with floral patterns during the summer and spring. This trend is similar to the floral patterned shorts and dresses you see in the 60s movie with a little bit of modification to fit in modern fashion styles. In easy words, you can describe it as retro/hippy flower wear.


Fashionable denim shorts are trending clothes during summers. Clothes with stripes and a little graphics are also popular among the girls. If you are planning to buy denim outfits, always remember that you should that the bolder the colours the better your denims are.

Sleek and Slinky

Sleek and slinky dresses have been popular during the 70s era and now this fashion trend is making its way back to the spotlight. Satin dance dresses are one of your best options when trying to select summer clothes. They can be worn to dinners, galas, events and even dinner parties. Sapphire and ink emerald is a perfect match of colours for satin dress. You can wear this dress in simple occasions as well as in special occasion.

Full Skirts

Another popular trend of the 1970s is making its way back to the market. These clothes are full skirts. These types of outfit make a girl look sexy and are available in various styles and length which will make it difficult for you to choose because they all look good. If you are trying to buy one always remember to choose from long, short, sheer or full skirts.

Wide Pants

Wide pants are popular trends which is also adapted from the fashion trends of the decade of 1970s. The summer is like travelling back to the 70s. If you want to save money, you can go to your mothers attic and you might find a desirable outfit for you.

There are many fashion trends during the summer season, if you want to know more about it, you can try searching the internet. Furthermore the internet will also allow you to purchase those clothe online.

Hippie Fashion Statements Yesterday And Today

When thinking about hippie fashion 1 must appear at the evolution of the statements made by it over the final various decades. What was originally a statement against corporate America, hippie clothing has turn out to be corporate America in modern day times. On the other hand, the statements of the 60s can still be valid.

Evolving out of the Beatnik movement of the 50s, the teens and young adults between the ages of 15 and 25 within the 60s led a counter culture revolution against all the traditions they knew. On every front society was assaulted by hippie ideals. The clothes they wore helped to unite them and make them stronger. Nowadays these identical clothes announce that quite a few of their concepts have grow to be mainstream, having been accepted in big portion by the populace of America.

The 1960s fashions and values had a lasting impact on culture, influenced music, tv, cinema, literature, as well as the arts in numerous methods. Now assimilated into our society, we see things like alternative arts, street theatre, folk music, and psychedelic rock as classics from the hippie era.

We see other signs also, like well being food shops, music festivals, and relaxed sexual mores.

These bohemians produced key efforts to impact change which we see everywhere. They attempted to express themselves by way of protests and new approaches of communicating. They attempted to apply their vision of the world and life to everything around them.

Hippie fashion history is noted as being probably the most violent and radical shift in style in modern day times. The style look was aspect of a protest waged against capitalism. Due to this they had been determined not to purchase style from the designers who were making revenue off of it. They chose very simple clothing, or repurposed clothes they could get low cost at second hand shops. Partly due to the fact they were purists and partly because capitalism included middle men, they chose a lot more natural form fibers, like cotton and wool. They produced their personal clothes also, sewing and crafting from braided hippie headbands to knit and crochet vests.

These hippie clothes became style statements against all these items and quite a few more, undoubtedly against the war.

The hippie dress, skirt and pants made of patchwork also became a part of the statement mainly because it was repurposing material and fabric, reusing it as opposed to putting far more cash inside the wallet of The Man, corporate America.

Now these clothes are aspect of the hippie costumes that speak of the 60s fashion weve come to associate with freedom, and rebellion.

In case you desire to learn more about hippie fashion, look at some hippie photos. Youll see a pattern that contains patchwork, bell bottom jeans, embroidered shirts and skirts, wrap around skirts, all kinds of issues made of blue jeans, tie dye everything, headbands, glasses, vests and more.

The hippie fashion was mostly unisex. Each men and ladies wore their hair lengthy. And women stopped wearing makeup. Womens dresses were loose, had low necklines and had been extremely short.

Quite a few of the hippie fashions had been borrowed from other cultures, but they’ve had lasting impact on our culture. They may be made of hemp now, and the meanings might have changed, but the style is still in place.

Enjoy Celebrity Fashion with Celebrity Dresses

Famous people are rich enough to hire their own fashion designers. These professionals create wonderful dresses for their clients just for special events. While some celebrities rely on their fashion designers, there are some who naturally have great fashion instincts. Famous actresses such as Emma Watson, Kirsten Stewart, and Mila Kunis always appear at events wearing elegant and stylish gowns. However, those in the film industry are not the only ones who know how to dress well. People such as the likes Kate Middleton really know how to select the right clothes even if they are not movie actresses. Other celebrities such as singers and sports stars can also wear some celebrity dresses that would greatly attract the attention of a lot of people.

The celebrities above should serve as inspiration to those who really want to look well for special occasions. It does not matter if a person is planning to attend a wedding ceremony, a party, or a banquet of some sort. She has to wear a formal garment and she would never go wrong if she wears a celebrity inspired dress. There are also celebrity dresses which could be worn even in non-formal occasions such as cocktail parties or family reunions.

The celebrity dresses come in various styles. There are actually basic styles that are evident in all dresses. The first one is the tent style. This is where the bodice is tightly fitted while the skirts flow from the waist and ends near the knees. As the skirts flow down they taper outward and that is why they are known as tent styles. There is also the line style which is considered as the classic and most popular style. It sort of features a triangular shape. Since the bottom is a lot wider than the upper. The line style compliments all body types and that is why it is evident in a lot of garments that celebrities wear. Finally, there is the sheath style. This special style is ideal for those who want to show off their sexy curves.

Whatever even a woman is planning to attend to, she should always consider wearing celebrity dresses. It would be great if she could sport some garments that are usually worn by celebrities. Nothing would go wrong with this fabulous dress styles that are appropriate especially for formal events.

Tape on Extensions – The Right Choice for Adding Length and Fullness

If you are looking for hair extensions, then perhaps the most difficult task will be to choose from the wide variety that is on offer. From halo extensions, to clip-on extensions to tape on extensions, you will be in fact spoilt for choice. Among them if you want to add length to your hair then the tape hair extensions are an excellent choice.

Taped hair extensions are made up of medical grade tape. The tape will have good holding power and will not irritate your scalp. Before you go about purchasing tape in hair extensions, it is always recommended that you do some research, for it will help you choose the best one.

One of the reasons for the popularity of taped hair extensions is the ease of application. You can dramatically change your looks for the better, within an hour or so. The glue on the tape will typically last about a couple of weeks before they loosen. You can also try applying glue to extend the wearing time.

With tape in extensions, just as in the case with any other type of hair extensions, price should not be the only criteria based on which you should make the purchase decision. Quality should be the first criteria. Sometimes poor quality tape in hair extensions may end up damaging your scalp. It is for this reason it is always recommended that you buy hair extensions, whether tape in extensions or clip on hair extensions or Halo Extensions, from a reputable retailer.

As mentioned earlier wearing taped hair extensions is extremely simple. All that you need to do is to part your natural hair and then literally stick the tape hair extensions in the in-between gap. What this would do is to add length and fullness to your hair.

Just as in the case with other methods such as clip in hair extensions, you can also try the do-it-yourself at home. However, it is better that you visit a salon to get it done. Just as in the case with any other type of hair extension, the taped versions too are made up of either natural human hair or synthetic hair. The choice ultimately depends on you.

If you are looking for long lasting hair extensions, then it is preferable that you go in for the ones made up of natural human hair. Among them Remy hair and virgin hair extensions are known for their long lasting performance.

It is also important that you take good care of your hair extension. You should make it a point to wash the hair regularly. Similarly, you also need to brush the hair at least twice a day in order to keep it in ship shape. Pure fine quality Tape on hair extension are available at A popular method of quick extension generally used ever, tape hair extensions, clip on hair exensions, Halo Extensions.