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Monthly Archives: December 2017

French Fashion In Europe

French fashion have done far into the world of fashion worldwide. And of course into the major continent of it which is in Europe. When we talk about French fashion, how far do French fashion already got. The uniqueness of French fashion was brought zest to the French fashion trends. Through the intuition of French, Paris is became the fashion capital of the world. In this matter, the French fashion are totally blooming up for an artistic way to cultured up the French Fashion culture in Europe. Though there are some fashion capital already in Europe such as the city of Madrid, Milan, and Rome. This is because of the wide accommodation of the networks of well-known designer companies which are known owned by most French designers and other foreign designers. The elegant and luxury fashion trends are depict by French fashion through the concept and designs of the world class designers such as Louis Vuitton, Charles Frederick Worth, Coco Chanel, Lucien Lelong, Elsa Schiaparelli, Cristbal Balenciaga, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent. These are the French designers that brought the culture of French Fashion all over Europe. Because of there featured luxury fashion products, they are successful in maintaining the fashion culture of French in Europe and all over the world.

The effect of French fashion in Europe are very important when it comes to the fashion lifestyle there. The French fashion dwells on the high standard living in Europe as they produce an intimate luxury in style, quality of material, magnificent design, and elegant outlook of every designer clothes or clothing products that they produce. French Fashion network is important also in the economy of France as well as all over Europe. Because of millions of people who are embrace the luxurious concept of French fashion. It really contributes percentage of per capita in the economy through the clothing industry in Europe. French are not just done on clothing line. As far as Fashion is concern, they conquer also lifestyle fashion such as in food fashions, interior home designs, and fashionable furniture industries. That’s why French fashion networks are burst all over Europe.

In Europe, French Fashion is the major source of latest and hottest fashions from time to time. They are always on the major bulletin for them to incorporate the fashion culture that contribute by French in Europe. Even in major fashion destinations worldwide, when we talk on French fashion, no wonder for all customers that they want to have it. French fashion is already a signature trend of Fashion. Designer clothes are very important when it comes to French fashion because it serves as one the quality products that dwells on the elegance and luxuries of life in Europe. For people who are having those products are worth and valuable for them. And that ‘s the culture of French fashion which really embrace by many fashionista around Europe and all over the world. That is the great impact of French fashion which already blends on the taste of every European Fashionistas.

Home Make Makeup Remover

As my identity evolves and I get wiser with passing years, I now choose to take better care of my skin by using natural, home made products where I can. Two main reasons for this is, the cost being so much cheaper means I can use them liberally and it’s far better for my skin. And… I enjoy making and using them! Home made Make-up Remover. cup Coconut Oil 1 tblspn Virgin Olive Oil 1 tblspn Witch Hazel Method To combine the two oils together I find it best to first leave the coconut oil out to soften. Once soft, add small amounts of olive oil at a time, blending with a spatula until you have a rich creamy texture, lump free. As oil and water don’t mix, add the witch hazel in small amounts, blending thoroughly each time. The cream eventually gets to a stage where no matter how much you try, the oils will not except any more Witch Hazel, at this stage the blend is complete. Put this into a jar for easy use and enjoy. I love to use organic coconut oil for my home made products but when it solidifies, especially in winter it can be quite difficult to use. When my home made moisturizer goes hard, I place a small amount in the palm of my hand and within 15 seconds it’s softened enough to be able to use. This is the reason I combined the two oils together. Coconut oil is hard, olive oil being a liquid assists with giving the make-up remover a creamy texture. The benefits of these two oils are they’re completely natural. Both can be used for cooking, and are probably better known for that, but as they are so pure, they in fact assist the skin, not damage it. Adding Witch Hazel to the mixture is what promotes cleansing. If you have excessive oily skin I would probably not recommend using this cream. Ingredient Benefits Olive Oil – Extracted from olives. Mainly known as a product for cooking. Coconut Oil – Extract from the kernel or meat of the coconut. Healthy to cook with, assists weight loss, aids fungal infections, prevents wrinkles, used for medicines. Witch Hazel – an extract from the Witch Hazel Plant with cleansing and toning qualities. Can be used to promote clear fresh skin and assist with moisturizing the skin. Can also be used after shaving to sooth and tone skin. Reminder As always though if you’re unsure or have allergies, be sure to try it out on a small area first or seek medical advice. Suzanne Beck home made natural makeup remover natural cleanser

Make Your Trainers A Fashion Statement

Most women see trainers as shoes for exercising in or for popping on to nip to the shops, but in fact, trainers are so much more than that and can actually be a real fashion statement. So push those painful heels to the side and throw on a pair of comfortable and trendy womens trainers.

In the past few years, more and more fashion conscious women have been wearing trainers as part of their outfits from simple canvas pumps to funky skate trainers, achieving a trendy look with trainers is all about what you wear them with.

Canvas pumps
Actually one of the biggest shoe trends of last summer, canvas pumps were everywhere in every colour of the rainbow and youll be pleased to hear that this footwear fashion is set to continue through to this summer as well. So simple yet so fashionable, canvas pumps are really easy to wear with pretty much anything and you just cant go wrong with a pair of plain white canvas pumps. Pop on with your shorts and a vest for hot summer days, team with a cute floral print dress for a laidback bohemian look or wear with your jeans for an everyday casual style; canvas pumps are definitely one of the most versatile styles of ladies trainers.

Platform trainers
Reminiscent of the 90s girl band look, platform trainers made a big comeback to the catwalks last year, and whether you love them or loathe them theyre certainly here to stay. Whether you go for high heel or wedge trainers, theyre so easy to wear and add a fashionable touch to a casual look. The beauty about platform trainers is that they work with so many current fashion trends too including 80s inspired and retro and bohemian and sport luxe, so they are definitely a pair of investment footwear for your wardrobe.

Retro trainers
The retro look is so hot right now, so why not incorporate it into your outfit with a pair of womens retro trainers? This laidback design of trainer is so fun and funky, so whether your style is all out quirky or a little safer, a pair of retro trainers will add that touch of individuality to your outfit. Pop on with some slouchy boyfriend jeans or a cute skirt for a fashionable, casual look.

Skate trainers
They might not be for everyone but skate trainers are a really cool casual look that are also really easy to pull off. Designed to be worn loosely and with minimal effort, womens skate trainers are usually chunky and in bright colours, and are best worn with a pair of slouchy jeans.

Fashion trainers
Probably a little more up your street, womens fashion trainers are quite aptly named because theyre all about incorporating the latest trends with trainers. So easy to wear and so trendy, fashion trainers come in lots of bright colours like pink and purple and fun designs like stars and hearts, theyre the perfect trainers for a girly girl who wants some casual, comfortable but fashionable footwear. The great thing about fashion trainers is that they also add a touch of colour to any outfit instantly with being too much.

Year retrospect Germany

The bankruptcy of Karstadt, the end of Bread & Butter, and the entry of Chinese companies were some major headlines that dominated in Germany, writes Regina Henkel.

Both a plethora of problems and a number of new developments made the fashion headlines. The exhibition landscape changed significantly, and retail continues to be challenged by the ever-growing relevance of e-commerce. And while classical retail is trying to stabilise its business, online giants are battling against each other.

The bankruptcies

Almost a permanent fixture in the headlines was department store group Karstadt. The bankruptcy of the Arcandor mother company, which itself went insolvent six years ago, will still take “many years” to find its footing again, the liquidator said in November, according to the German Press Agency. The reasons were mainly litigations, including those against numerous former managers of the group, like former top executive Thomas Middelhoff. In all, 37,500 creditors are asking for €1.2 billion, according to the report of the liquidator. At the same time, reports of real estate sales of Karstadt stores have been coming in.

Another bankruptcy that affected the fashion industry was the end of Bread & Butter. In December 2014, the bankruptcy sounded like a drumbeat through the denim and sportswear industry. Although the show reported repeatedly about lower exhibitor and visitor numbers, the daring plans of CEO Karl-Heinz Muller polarised the denim community, and the end of the show came for many quite abruptly. But even more surprising was the news of the takeover of the fair by the Berlin e-commerce giant Zalando. His idea: Bread & Butter should continue to take place on the grounds of Tempelhof Airport in Berlin-but no more as a fair, but as a fashion event for consumers. The premiere of the new concept-that Muller had wanted to realise earlier, but had failed due to the resistance from brands-has been scheduled. But in December, the Berlin Senate decided that the Tempelhof Field and the halls of the former airport would be used as refugee shelters until the end of 2019. Therefore, Zalando now has to search for a new location for Bread & Butter. The proposed January event was, therefore, postponed.

Also, Escada struggled through the year. In July, the fashion label announced that it would have to cancel about 200 jobs in the next two years. At the company’s headquarters in Munich, some 150 employees had to go. The job cuts are part of a restructuring programme, which is aimed to reposition the company since the departure of former CEO Bruno Salzer.

Marvelous Fashion Marketing Dissertation Research Questions That Can’t Be Rejected

It is significant to find a fashion marketing dissertation topic that portrays the concerns related to the culture and fashion, one that is bendable and full of life, while permitting them to consider other research opportunities as well.

Whatever topic of discussion you choose, it should be of your own personal interest. It should also reflect the tendencies of modern investigation. Select something that is analogous, not too inaccessible, and something that might hold the interest of the reader, or your examiner, till the end. A good thesis statement will already have a considerable amount of literature written about it. You are not only going to review the already written literature, but also are allowed to include your own thoughts and ideas.

I will help you with a few topics myself. Following are some excellent thesis statements that you might find helpful:

1.An insight into a different planet: Understanding the style icon. 2.Envisaging Monroe: A retrospective confrontation with one of the universe’s most stylish and lovable personalities. 3.Crazy about Madonna: The eminent and humble fashions of Eighties pop traditions. 4.An understanding of Englishness: British advancement with the passage of time. 5.Mods and Rockers and the era of biking and motoring. 6.Era of broad mindedness: 1920’s trends and styles. 7.Trends of The Second World War. 8.Trends of the fifties on the streets today. 9.A debate on seventies style icons and what changes they brought to the living styles and standards. 10.How Eighties modes symbolized governmental and ethnical paragons of the time. 11.Young generation’s style of clothing in the Nineties. 12.Athletics article of clothing: How athletic wear has penetrated the modern-day market place 13.Tagging and advertising: The ability of virtual display 14.The importance of advertising and promotion in the modern time of fashion 15.Wearing apparel for cabaret lovers: The employment of substitute stuffs 16.Plaids today: How colors symbolize thoughts 17.following the account of fur in mode 18.hounding clothing: brands and custom 19.Shakespearian house of drama and the artistic mental image 20.interpreting Tolkien: set of clothes from manuscript to television 21.The center of the folk story: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the trendy imagination. 22.What is too short? A decisive investigation of argumentations bordering promiscuousness and children’s wearing. 23.Superheroes: representing styles through famous and most popular icons. 24.Allhallows Eve: stylish representation of personas and the creative thinking of young people. 25.A research into the influences of fashion media on young people.

All of these thesis titles are relating to different research areas of marketing dissertation. You could either choose one from these, or you could simply come up with your own. But remember one thing; the topic must be of your own interest, and not the interest of your professor.

Fashion designing courses in Bangalore

Fashion designing courses in Bangalore

As a famous fashion designer said, -Fashion is made to become unfashionable-. Most fashions don’t have much life; they are short-lived and meant to fade away in no time. It doesn’t mean fashion has fewer takers or less demand. In a country like India, with its diversified culture and fashion statements, the demand for fashionistas is ever growing. With traditional business houses looking for professionals with industry-specific qualifications in fashion designing, the popularity for such courses is definitely rising. Bangalore is viewed as one of the fashion hubs of India, not far behind Mumbai or Delhi when it comes to keeping pace with the latest trends and fashion. This coupled with its distinction of being the educational hub of the country, makes Bangalore the perfect place for fashion institutions to grow and evolve. The city’s culture has always been that of trendy and moving in tandem with the fashion definitions of the rest of the world. From textile designing to footwear and jewellery designing, there are a number of institutions offering varied courses in fashion designing in Bangalore. Courses like Fashion and Apparel Designing, Footwear Designing and Production Management, Fashion merchandising and retail, Interior Designing, Accessory Designing, Textile Designing and Jewellery Designing have many takers as these courses have greater value in the job market as well. There are different levels of courses in fashion designing such as certification, diploma, graduation, and post-graduation. Fashion Design – (Diploma, B.Sc, M.Sc) This programme aims to give the student an overall picture about fashion industry. It covers a great deal about fashion, textile, designing, production, and marketing. From designing to the manufacturing of a product, the course will help a student explore the fashion industry in a snapshot. Accessory Design The programme will take a student through all the aspects involved in accessory design. This involves the entire spectrum of accessories and lifestyle products, jewellery, leather goods, footwear, watches, silverware, other lifestyle products etc. This is an emerging field of study. Fashion Management (MA) This course basically helps one understand the nuances of fashion management. It helps a student develop managerial skills in the field of fashion marketing, merchandising and retailing. Students are taught innovative fashion management techniques, fashion trends and business practices. Textile Design (B.Sc) This programme explores the processes involved mainly in apparel and home fashion industry. The aim of the course is to equip students with qualities required to meet the challenges in the emerging textile market and give them industry-specific training. Fashion and Communication Comparatively recent, it is one of the most innovative programmes aimed at exploring the vast possibilities of communication in fashion industry. It covers areas such as display design, graphic design, fashion journalism, styling, photography, advertising and public relations.

Besides these, there are a number of other innovative and exciting fashion design courses – both short and long term – offered by prestigious institutions in Bangalore. Some of them are: MBA in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management, Bachelor of Design (Knitwear Design), Diploma in Computer Aided Textile Designing, Degree Program in Fashion and Apparel Designing, Fashion Design & Boutique Management, Garment Manufacturing Technology, Graduate Diploma in Jewellery Designing & Manufacture, Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration, Certification in Grooming Lifestyle and Modelling.