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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Fashion magazines to create custom mbt shoes square sale

Dan Ding roared over the fly from.mbt shoes mbt activity footwear every mbt rafiki gtx coil employing the FT mid-air chamber. Speedily. 7 have turned in to a dark Dragon Dan Ding digital shadow. Ding into round 6 floating making use of the air. The middle of the tripod steadily sinking. Dan Ding and Li Muwan manufacturing integration. mbt shoes uk Wang Lin eye flashing. He obtained his greatest hand waved in front. all of a sudden strike a blur in the circle falls regarding the ground. Followed. Pinch hints his hands. Shouted: “deity. Now!” Silent area.

Open the custom sneakers square, boss chenwei stated: “no coincidence. “She informed reporters, weekdays like VIVI, Meena, fashion magazine, feel magazines sneakers is quite beautiful, but in reality it is tough to come across. So, she would like to go to customize these footwear. Chenwei it please give in Dongguan shoes factory work pals, but a week later, a pair of very good MBT Fanaka will sent to her hand. The upcoming day, she’s wearing new shoes to walk in the street, and make a return fee of foot, which can make her extremely proud.ud.

All you’ll want to sustain out is starting walking. Walking is perhaps amid the, most well-liked, easiest, cheaper and pleasurable recreational actions there’s around. Walking alone improves circulation, boosts your immunity, strengthens the regular usefulness within the lungs and heart, betters your mood, improves muscle tone and receives you out within the home.

MBT footwear biomechanics glaucum feet soles mimic the pure structure of the shock protection, Discount MBT sneakers so your entire body could be moved by heart.New severe sports sequence Ultra Performance making use of state-of-the-art technology and rigid standards, MBT goti females boots Tenga Mid GTX Boot so that you can pursue the perfect of balance, a substantial degree of traction and superior flexibility of custom developed golf players.

Mbt Footwear Skechers Shape-Ups and Reebok Easytones, have claimed to have on the agency and muscular.MBT Moja Some solutions even stated that can lower fat, improve blood circulation, relieves neck stress, also helps to increase posture. Is it only requirements to place on them for walking, you actually can turn into additional slim?

For these days of this mbt shoes on sale test, I am wearing a pair of Fitflop sandals, which is today’s most trendy foot relaxation shoes (2007, Bliss SPA’s creator Marcia Kilgore and biomechanical Household United Kingdom David Cook, PHD and Darren James joined collectively to produce this type of footwear, considering that they all marketed 400 million pairs of footwear).

Popular Japanese Fashion Designers Set A Trend With Online Clothing

Japanese fashion is classy and chic and people all over the world are wearing these garments that are designed by top fashion designers of Asia. The Japanese starting adopting western style of dressing in the nineteenth century and shortly after this trend was popularly referred to as Street Fashion. Businessmen use the opportunity of the distribution systems to run a lucrative business with Asian fashion products.

This may be due to the fact that celebrities are wearing trendy clothes that have caught the attention of people in the Western world who try to consciously wear fashionable clothes and ape the glam rock styles Most of the Asian fashion online stores have photos of celebrities wearing sliver spikes and black pants and boots in trendy designs. Youngsters are fascinated and try to buy name brands online from these stores that sell them at low and affordable prices.

Japanese fashion clothing has been in vogue for a long time and are imitations of various styles from different cultures in Asia. This has gained in popularity ever since Western countries have become involved with the pop culture in Japan. The clothing industry has escalated as cheap Asian fashion clothing is easily available at online and can be delivered to any part of the world. It is possible to have a look at various Japanese as well as Korean fashions online as they set the trend in fashionable wear. The fashion industry includes clothing from womens wear, mens sport wear and childrens wear that range from high-end to low-quality to help every class of buyers. Fashion trends range from stylish, funky and sophisticated to whimsical.

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale fashion garments, the best place to look is on the internet. Compare the styles and fashion clothing on different websites and narrow down the list when you locate the best clothing store that offers the lowest prices and discount offers. Check out the various portals that offer clothing items in wide selections and take advantage of volume pricing. It is possible to get wholesale clothing with free delivery if you purchase over the stipulated minimum amount. Some stores may offer one item free with every purchase. Take advantage of all these offers and ensure that you fill your wardrobe with quality clothing that is trendy and suits your personality.

Wholesalers are able to get clothing from manufacturers at low costs in Asian countries as the cost of labor and materials is low. Since there are hardly any overheads, they are able to offer these low prices to retailers online. They continue to earn their profits as they trade and supply varied merchandise online.

Asian designers will continue to influence fashion wear as the internet makes shopping easier in todays world. The world has become a smaller place and business can be conducted today easily anywhere in the world. Asian fashion online stores offer styles for youngsters, office-goers, elite socialists and kids with a wide selection. People can find items without stretching their budget and look good with the latest types of fashion wear that is worn by fashionistas.

Asian Fashion Clothing – Hot Styles For Every Occasion

Fashion is ever changing. Trends change every year, every season. Therefore, what you see or wear may be popular today but it may not continue to be popular tomorrow. Today, in many designer stores around the world, Asian fashion clothing is evident. For both men and women, there are a variety of formal wear, casual wear and sportswear where you can buy cheap clothes online. Today, you will find Asian style clothing just about everywhere. You can see them in boutiques, local malls and online stores. This style of clothing not just liked by Asians, the fan following in US and Europe is huge too. When it comes to Asian fashion clothing, Korea and Japan are two most influential countries. That does not mean India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China are far behind. Through innovative and chic designs these countries slowly but surely, they have become popular.

Korean designers are striving to be known worldwide, although just several years ago, they only had the scope to show their designs within their country. With the emergence of internet, the scope to highlight their designs and fashion trends and this has made it possible for shoppers to buy cheap clothes online. Today they are able to compete head to head with well-known fashion brands from America and Europe. This has been possible because of the fact that Asian fashion clothing fabrics are perfect for clothes and make an excellent wear. The talent of these designers can be witnessed, when their designs is showcased by their models and local celebrities. Korean drama and K-pop have drawn much attention throughout the world and this has been the impetus when the Asian clothing style reached its peak. Buy cheap clothes online has now become popular in numerous parts of the world.

Moreover, more people will be able to afford beautiful Asian fashion clothing as most of the Korean designers have brought the prices of their clothes down. Japanese fashion has its own appeal and makes a unique impression. Japanese style shows culture through its clothing. You will notice that it has an international feel on it if you take a closer look at a Japanese top, skirt or blouse. Japanese fashion best known for its mixture of conservative, modern and trendy styles. Nonetheless, Japanese patterns and prints are very cute and chic to look at. Asian style really evolves and improves and you can buy cheap clothes online. Internet is the best place to go if you want to follow Japanese fashion. Just surf the Internet, look in online stores, and jut surf the internet. You do not have to look for Asian fashion clothing stores. You will easily spot the piece you like, as there are hundreds of online stores sell handmade and machine-made apparel. For teenagers, Asian fashion is extremely popular as they can buy cheap clothes online. Hence, these clothes also make great gifts.

Fashion And You One Of The Most Famous Online Shopping Portals You Will Come Across

I have always been a hardcore shopping enthusiast and have preferred to shop to the fullest by visiting varied malls and retail outlets. But lately the trend to shop online has increased making many people hooked on to the internet to buy products at ease at a cheaper price. I was always skeptical and unsure about shopping online as it instilled in me a fear of scam leaving me unsure. But all that surely changed when I came across Fashion and you. Little did I know that even shopping online can be so much of fun. The portal excelled in all the possible ways to offer me a pleasurable and a fun filled shopping experience every single time. Fashion and you is definitely the best online portal to shop for your favorite apparels.

The reason why Fashion and you stands out as an online portal is simply because it offers exclusive branded apparels at dirt cheap price. Moreover, the products that are delivered to your doorstep are exactly the same that you navigated to in the website unlike other portals that tend to give you farce or identical products instead of giving an original one. Also Fashion and You has an apt USP of selling the branded products which are otherwise expensive at a whopping 80% discount which is amazing for every person who loves to wear branded products but can often not afford it. Fashion and you website too gave me another reason to buy a product from the site. The website is just plain intuitive, easy to navigate and to choose a product. Moreover, a simple search gives me a wide list of options to choose from. The brand offerings on Fashion and you too consist of distinguished brands which are renowned in the world of fashion and apparels. And if such brands are offered at such irresistible prices then it is just plain impossible to ignore. It. Everyone these days prefers to wear designer and branded products at parties and social events to flaunt and that’s a truth. Buying branded apparels at this price would not only accentuate your personality but would give you a majestic appeal too. Fashion and you today has over 20K members within just 2 years of it being operational and it isn’t really a big surprise. With the kind of products on offer and the prices they are tagged for, every shopper today wants to be a part of the Fashion and You paradise.

Fashion and you is definitely here to stay considering the vast amount of fan base it has generated in such a short span of time. Moreover with more and more brands agreeing to merge under Fashion and you catalogue; the fan base only seems to get bigger and better. Fashion and you also sees to it that their fans are constantly updated on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter by promoting their product on their social networking fan pages. One can actually figure out how far a portal will go which sells around 1000 odd products everyday

Fashion Tips On How To Wear A Saree

Sarees are attires which are inspired by the Indian fashion industry and are becoming famous along the course of time. Indian sarees are getting popular and making their marks in western fashion industry; as there are an increasing number of fashion enthusiasts who covet to don these sarees on possible occasions. One of hand that are people who are trying their hands on this attire, on the other hand there are people who could not drape this attire as they lack information on dos and donts of draping a saree Here are some important points that one should remember while wearing a saree.

Shade to select

Women who do not enjoy fair or wheatish (paled) skin complexion, must wear sarees which are darker than their complexion. For example, maroon, dark brown, black, dark pink, dark violet etc. This helps the women to look fairer as the darker shades create a contrast between sari and skin complexion.

Material of saris

Material of a saree is an important factor while buying a saree. Georgette, Chiffon etc are material of sarees which are suitable for women with surplus pounds. Mysore silk saree helps heavier women to look slimmer. For women who are slimmer cotton, Tussar, organza etc are best options as it compliments their body at the best.

Considering Borders

Border is one of the important features of a saree that adds to the look of the attire. Broader borders make the wearer look shorter; hence, according to your height you should select a saree with appropriate border. If you are very tall then selecting broader border may add to your persona. On the other hand for women with shorter height, it is wise to select any saree with thinner borders.

Prints: Bigger prints when festooned on the saree may be attractive but will look flashy and may overshadow other highlights. On contrary to this smaller prints when designed in attractive textures makes a pretty and attractive appearance.

Pinup essential parts of saree: In order to stay comfortable and keep your hand unengaged in managing the attire, it is better to pinup the pallu (the loose end of the saree) at the shoulder and other necessary parts. It does not only help you stay comfortable but also makes you look smart.

Undergarments: It is essential to wear appropriate undergarments such as brassiere, panties, petticoats etc under your saree. This will help you stay comfy and does not reveal undergarment lines embarrassingly

Petticoat: Sarees are usually supported with a petticoat (inner garment like skirt) which is especially designed to be donned with sarees. It is a bad decision to wear flared petticoat under your saree. The best option is to wear a moderately comfortable petticoat which will not influence the look of your saree.

Jumpsuits for women A cheaper way to dress stylishly

We don’t want to admit it but the effects of economic status in our lives are really alarming. We want everything to be cheap and affordable and as much as possible, if possible, we can have discounts with everything. Cheap women’s jumpsuits are a nice offer for those ladies that are wanting to be trendy yet are enjoying the lowest price they can have with their merchandise.

Our technology nowadays is really progressing all over the world. Aside from the increasing economy we have, we are also experiencing the effects of high price increased in basic needs that we have and need in our daily lives. Some of them really affects us that we sometimes tend not to want the items anymore. Whatever happens, we cannot set aside fashion in our lives, that is why the designers came up with designs that are very affordable, yet still stylish and fashionable. The best example for this are cheap jumpsuits for women. These newly designed outfits are really very affordable. Some of them can be bought instantly and don’t have the need to use a credit card. Cash on-basis is much better to avoid the headaches of thinking your incoming monthly bills. Cheap suits vary in the amount because it varies in textile content and designs. The endorser and the place where you are going to buy the outfit also affects the prices of the clothes. The more convenient and popular the place where the outfit is displayed, the more it will be expensive. While in places where there are many people that keep on going to buy items in bulk order, you can see discounted jumpsuits for women and other clothes.

Jumpsuits for women for ladies of today’s generation is very useful and well accepted. They loved the designs and the coming of this new style is more favorable to them. These jumpsuits can be found in most local department stores and fashion clothing shops. Some designs are put on sale especially if they reached the quota of each outfit that they are selling. Other styles can be found on the internet. Some of the best samples of cheap jumpsuits and rompers on the websites are sexy polyester leopard printed round neck sleeveless jumpsuits, stylish ruffle bow knot solid chiffon jumpsuit, small flowers strapless chiffon jumpsuits, solid cotton sleeveless women rompers, elegant chiffon bow knot floral elastic waist jumpsuits, fashion chiffon long V-collar floral jumpsuits, stylish solid printing drawstring tube top jumpsuits, and there are still so much fashionable styles of jumpsuits that will definitely suits everyone’s tastes. These newly designed jumpsuits and rompers will never be run out of style, for the manufacturers are not stopping to produce them, and designers keep on inventing new ones that will be truly wonderful and amazing to the eyes of our lovely ladies.

Philippine Blogger bryanboy Stirs A Fashion Revolution

Philippine blogger Bryan Yambao went from reading his mothers magazines to the front rows of the worlds top catwalks at warp speed, as the Internet demolishes the exclusive barriers of high fashion.

Supermodel-thin and fond of wearing colorful hats, fur-collared cardigans and handbags, the 24-year-old is now an industry heavyweight who hangs out with the likes of supermodel Naomi Campbell and designer Marc Jacobs.

If you ask me, all of my dreams have already come true. What else can you ask for, Yambao said in a speech at an independent fashion bloggers conference in New York late last year.

Yambaos vehicle for fashion stardom is his online journal at, which delivers fresh, irreverent, and witty critiques of the worlds newest trends on expensive clothing and accessories.

The site attracts more than 200,000 unique visitor hits a day, while nearly 52,000 people follow his Twitter stream, giving the jet-setting former web designer from Manila awesome powers to thrash or promote a product.

The blog is also studded with money-spinning ads that would be the envy of fashion magazines that have only a small fraction of his readership.

Recent posts told of his labors to buy Pradas red mens wingtips (Its the shoe of the season, no doubt) and how Hollywood stars Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher stole the thunder from fashion figures at a Sao Paulo show.

I’ve heard several rumors that they were paid about half a million dollars to be here. Celebrities. They always f up the whole experience, Yambao ranted.

Drawing heavily on the Paris Hilton playbook, the blog is also as much a homage to the author as style, with photos of him in outrageous, gender-bending outfits.

Shower me with attention and inflate my ego. Email photos of your love and Ill add you to my ever-growing collection. Be creative! Be spontaneous! he wrote.

The biggest fashion labels indeed do work super hard to inflate his ego, as evidenced by one of his latest posts for the current fashion week in Paris.

Im trying to enjoy the calm before my set of shows, he wrote.

My invites are starting to pour in. So far Im confirmed at Isabel Marant, Mugler, Balmain, AF Vandevorst, Gareth Pugh, Rochas, Damir Doma, Chanel, etc. Cant wait to receive more of my invitations!

The traditional media also love him.

Bringing androgyny and attitude to the blogosphere since 2004, Bryanboys reflections on fashion never fail to entertain, Elle magazine wrote, in an excerpt posted in his blog.

With his sharp wit and cheeky style choices, Manila-based blogger Bryanboy is on the brink of international stardom, Teen Vogue wrote.

Yambaos extraordinary online career began with him blogging about his foreign travels in 2004.

But he had always been drawn to fashion, even as a 10-year-old studying at a strict Manila Catholic school.

I would steal my mom magazines and read them at school, Yambao said in his New York speech last year. Yambao initially agreed to be interviewed by AFP but then did not reply to e-mailed questions.

From a puny readership of his friends and family, the blog took off in 2007 after his posts caught the eye of Jacobs, the influential American creative director of French design house Louis Vuitton.

I discovered this sort of satirical little film that Bryanboy had done of me, and I was really amused by it. I started to look at the blog and I thought, this guy is so into fashion, Jacobs said in a clip posted on Yambaos site.

Jacobs named an ostrich leather tote bag, BB, on his own 2008 fall collection, in the Filipino bloggers honor.

Love your passion for fashion, the designer gushes in a post on Yambaos site. After all, where would designers be without enthusiasm like yours?

In 2009 Dolce and Gabbana put Yambao and other top bloggers on the front row at the Milan fashion week, beside traditional industry arbiters such as Vogues Anna Wintour and Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune.

Menkes, the doyenne of the fashion press, said bloggers had democratized an industry that had long been used to having everything dictated from the top down by the fashion houses.

And then along comes Twitter and all of a sudden somebody walks out of a, say, Louis Vuitton show and says, That show sucked. I hated it, she said in an interview posted online from last years Berlins fashion trade show.

But that can go viral and other people can answer and suddenly you’re faced with three million people saying negative things. Its pretty terrifying for these brand managers.

Yambao, who had had his Facebook account fill up with a maximum 5,000 friends a long time ago, appears to revel in the irony of a Third-World blogger dictating to the rich what to wear.

It did happen to me, you know, somebody from the boonies, in the Philippines, he said in his New York speech.

One of Yambaos friends from the Philippines, fashion reporter and blogger Ingrid Go-Chua, said his spectacular career in breaking through one of the worlds most exclusive industries was an inspiration across Asia.

A lot of Asian people look up to him. Hes like a beacon of a person. In the Third World, you never thought that dreams would come true but he made them come true. Hes put the Philippines on the map, she told AFP.

Indulge In Best Online Shopping For Fashion Accessories

Online shopping for fashion accessories is becoming very popular with people all over the India because of plenty of different reasons. There are many different benefits of using the internet for shopping fashion accessories. Getting aware of these benefits will help you see why online shopping for fashion accessories makes sense. There are many around the world who uses the internet for shopping fashion accessories instead of wasting time shopping physically.

The major reason behind the popularity of online shopping for fashion accessories is that there you get a wide range of options to choose from. On the other hand, offline stores have the physical constraint of displaying a wider range of selection. However, on the internet, an unlimited projection of the accessories can be displayed.

Nowadays it is becoming very popular for online stores to offer special deals and offer to its customers. For online retailers it is a good way of encouraging sales. So make sure to check for interesting deals while shopping for fashion accessories on the internet in order to have best online shopping experience.

Before making a purchase at online shopping, make sure to read the policies related to returns, mode of payment, shipping charges and other conditions. Major Brands is the best online shopping store for you to shop fashion accessories in India. The store provides an extraordinary collection of fashion accessories for both men and women. The fashion accessories for men that you will find at the store includes bracelets, watches, belts, tie, necklaces, bags, wallets, hats, scarves, sunglasses, shoe accessories, leg wear and rings. On the other hand, fashion accessories for women available at the store includes hair accessories, bracelets, hats, scarves, leg wear, necklace, earrings, sunglasses, watches, rings and belts.

Besides shopping fashion accessories, you can shop many other items at the store like handbags, sunglasses, watches, cosmetics, apparels for men, women and kids, lingerie and footwear. When shopping any of these fashion products at this online shopping store you can enjoy various services such as free returns, free shipping on the purchase of above Rs. 1000/-, various modes of payments and cash on delivery option.

Shopping for fashion accessories online at this store, will curb the chances of facing the troubles. Due to the availability of the excellent customer service, you will not face any problem while shopping online at this store. In fact online shopping is a convenient alternative for many people who are facing difficulties to balance their time between their family responsibilities and the work demands.

Jewelry And Fashion Accessories Are Easy To Sell

Since there are so many people out of work now and looking for ways to make money at home or online, why not use your love for fashion and earn extra cash selling fashion accessories and jewelry. I can understand if you think you would like to do it but don’t even have a clue where to start so let me make a suggestion visit and review the hundreds of inexpensive jewelry items that are of surprisingly high quality as well as the nearly unlimited fashion accessories, including unique handbags that your girlfriends will love. Please don’t take my word for it, once you visit the site you will be able to see for yourself the high quality of the fashion accessories and affordable jewelry that is created to be on trend; jewelry and fashion accessories that celebrities use or that celebrities wear. The next step is to apply to become a fashion wholesaler of and then you will receive huge discounts. While most fashion wholesalers make it impossible to make money, our minimum order level is very low and here is another way people keep their inventories low: they use website to showcase additional jewelry or fashion accessories like handbags, fashion tees, comfy hoodies, and so many other items that will make the opportunity to make money even easier since you dont have to buy them until they are SOLD. Once your party is over, you can then order those fashion accessories and they will be quickly shipped to you for your customers how convenient and how profitable!

What I’ve just explained to you is how I started in the fashion business except I didn’t have the convenience of using someones website to sell additional items without having to buy them first. I had home fashion accessory parties and many people began to call me the handbag lady since so many people in my town bought them from me. That hard work provided the opportunity for me to open my own retail fashion business and today I run a flagship store in Colorado as well as our very successful website you can do it too if you have the passion for fashion and the desire to succeed! With a little effort, this home based business opportunity can be great fun, as it was for me, while generating hundreds or thousands of dollars of additional money for you to pay bills or to just have fun with. Additionally, it can be a great way to spend time with your girlfriends or with your fellow soccer moms without the kids just make a few simple appetizers and add a little wine to increase the activity, and sales, of these fashion accessory parties. How can we help? Please visit our site and become a fashion wholesaler to start making money today!

At our flagship store in Colorado as well as our online retail location, we carry a wide variety of fashion accessories that will allow you to make money with your own home business with the huge fashion wholesale discounts we provide. Additionally, the wide selection of items and sizes will carry means that you can use our website to showcase items and then quickly order them so they can be shipped to your home for your customers.

Monsoon Fashion

Guys & Girls, it’s time to fold your pants up! The wardrobe during the monsoon is restricted to the two C’s- Colour and Comfort. Go bright and flashy this monsoon. Vivid coloured tops and dresses are totally in vogue. Dress up in peacock blue, soft pinks and bright orange sexiest colours of this season. On the other hand, muted shades of grey and black and earthy tones of beige, brown and khaki will also spell style. Fabrics are natural – cotton, linenmostly, but developed ones like enzyme washed satins and crushed polyviscose knits in modalare in.

Capris in hues of dark brown and black work best with bright, solid colours to lighten one’s spirits on a dull day. Girls, the shorter the pant, the better it is! Team up Capris with short length ethnic kurtis in hues of peacock blue, purple, red, maroonand parrot green. Short flare skirts and knee length halter neck dresses with a scarfof exotic designs are a must have for evening wear. Asymmetrical synthetic kaftans are super hot this season when teamed with a tight fitting mini skirt. Fitted synthetic jackets in Chinese white and lemony yellow work best on any sporty outfit.

Say goodbye to full length denims, long ethnic skirts, saris and leather this season. However, if you are a denim freak, opt for light weight denim fabrics. Knee length Cargos of synthetic fabrics are a must have in casuals this season, for men and women both. Cargos in hues of red rust, light orange and military green are best for everyday rains.

We spoke to ace designers like Arshiya Fakih, Lina Tipnis, Shane Peacock, Narendra Kumar and Namrata G to figure out the key looks for men and women;

Key Looks for Women:

  1. Denim or cotton capris in earthy tones look best when worn below trendy tunic kaftans inspired by the 80s prints. Can be accessorised with bold statement pieces in single tone shades and matching filp-flops.
  2. A sporty sleeveless or a racer-back tee will attract all the attention when teamed up with shorts or hot pants, all in vibrant colours like sun yellow, hot pink, etc. Crocs or water friendly sports footwear work best here.
  3. Trapez-shaped dresses with naturally inspired prints and excessive green foliage worn with basic pumps, replace the little black dress at the more formal occasions.
  4. Trendy tops above roll up denims above unisex sandals can be experimented at whim. Another hot favourite is the boyfriend jeans, apt for the care a damn monsoon look.
  5. Mini-skirts in colours of the rainbow should be worn with a white top and accessorised with funky and colourful neck pieces and earrings.

Key Looks for Men:

  1. A pastel shirt with prints or plaids suits best with simple jeans. Comfy slippons spell both style and functionality.
  2. Chinos in linen and cargos in cotton look best with military inspired tees to complete that trendy safari look. Boots or covered sandals will go with this one.
  3. Lean fitted trousers should be worn with a trendy shirt with oversized pockets, tennis shoes complete the look.
  4. Single breasted, buttoned trench coat in black with contrasting big collar shirts inspired by the 70’s is the way to be at a night occasion.
  5. Three fourth cargos and a sporty vest with a slingy pouch matching those crocs readies you for hitting the beach.