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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Fashion Designers In Kolkata The Underdogs Of The Fashion Industry

Fashion designing in Kolkata appears to have taken an upward swing today. Fashion designers in Kolkata have never had it better. With many of them participating in International fashion shows, their hard work is finally paying off. Kolkata today is now fast securing a foothold in the fashion map of the world. Fashion designers in Kolkata are now being subjected to increasing adulation, thanks to exposure they have received over the past few years. Fashion designers in Kolkata cater to Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear and Mass Market and Prt segments. With more institutes dedicated to fashion designing being established in Kolkata, fashion designing as career seems to be a bright prospective today. The number of fashion designers in Kolkata has increased exponentially over the past few years. Today many of them have their own exclusives lines and are even proud owners of high-end fashion boutiques.

A haute couture fashion designer is one who designs exclusively for one individual. These designers work usually with high-end, expensive fabric and embellishments. Their work is time consuming as most of their garments are hand stitched. Great attention is paid to detail. Looks and fit are given priority over cost. The garment will not be re-created for another client and is exclusive to one. They are made to measure.

A mass market fashion designer is one who relies on mass market sales. The mass market caters to a wide range of customers. These designers often release their new designs every season and use cheaper fabric and simple, machine stitching techniques. Though fashionable, the end product is a lot cheaper than haute couture and available in numbers.

A ready-to-wear fashion designer is a cross between haute couture and mass market. Though not made for individuals, great care is taken in choice of fabric and cut. Clothes are available in numbers but small quantities only, to guarantee exclusivity. These are usually showcased in fashion weeks and are quite expensive.

A fashion designer could be either one these three or all of them, through different labels.
Fashion designers in Kolkata are the busiest during the months of August, September & October. This is when Durga Pooja is celebrated in the city. During this season, celebrities and the masses step into a fashion & shopping frenzy, always looking out for something unique and exclusive. While celebrities and the elite run after haute couture fashion designers for that unique outfit, masses run to stores to explore the new ranges of festival themed outfits. Fashion designers in Kolkata have a special challenge while designing for the people in Kolkata. As the city is at its humid best in these months, designers need to use breathable fabrics, without compromising on design, fit & aesthetics.

Designers have tremendous scope during this season as the festive celebrations are spread over 4-5 days and consumers want a separate outfit for each day. The morning wear is usually traditional with sarees, anarkalis, lehengas, Shwerwanis & dhotis being the most popular. Evening is more relaxed with kurtis, jodhpuris, skirts, and short kurtas being in demand.

Influence of celebrity dresses on fashion

Celebrity dresses have an influence on fashion. When an individual come across his/her favourite celebrity, the dress worn by the celebrity is assumed to be as -in’ and people try to follow the fashion as being opted by celebrity. Behind the scene, these celebrities worn dresses of stylists on their demand because stylists are looking forward for an individual who has natural beauty and they could promote the dresses of that particular stylist. The basic purpose behind the scene is to earn profit and revenue. Celebrities do not even have the sense to wear trendy dresses in their real life.

They are being influenced by the dresses of stylists. In past few decades, celebrities were related to promote the business of stylists by wearing dresses of those stylists. People regard these dresses as Celebrity dresses and they prefer to wear these dresses on formal occasions. However with the passage of time, the trend is changing and celebrities are introducing their own line of dresses. Most of celebrity dresses are worn by celebrities in order to gain fame. Celebrity dresses often have reflection of the personality of the particular celebrity.

Individuality is a factor by which there is the recognition of the celebrity through the way of wearing celebrity dresses. Nowadays online site of celebrities are introduced so that customers could get more up to date and relevant information regarding celebrity dresses. Social media marketing tool is an effective one in order to promote celebrity dresses. This tool is being adopted by most of the stylists and designers in order to promote their dresses with different styles with the help of celebrities. Different dresses incorporating different styles are worn by the celebrities who are having positive influence on the general public.

People are influential towards the celebrity dresses because they have an imagination in mind that by having those apparels, they would look like their favourite celebrity. Fashion trends changes with the passage of time and it becomes obvious and are reflected through the dresses of celebrities. People could stare or observe the dresses until and unless they could afford them. People believe that whatever is worn by celebrity is the coming season vogue. In short celebrities have an effect on lifestyle of individuals who have an interest in fashion. It is a feeling of being stylish that influences an individual to come across celebrities and their dresses.

Men’s Fashion Trends And Pop Stars

Something that has always been an influence on men’s fashion is pop stars. The current music charts and the most popular and successful artists create the latest trends. An early example would be when a large following of Beatles fans began wearing smart suits and high collar coats. A more recent example would be JLS who went against the current indie trend with very individual and fresh outfits when they appeared for the first time.

Naturally men will take notice of what pop stars wear and how they wear garments as they are in the public eye. Pop stars styles are often used as case studies in dedicated sections to fashion in men’s magazines; creating a perceived image of how men should dress and more so how they should look entirely.

Of course men taking notice of pop stars is not the only influence on men’s fashion. The retailers play a large role too. It is only a small part of the process when the pop star has an influence on the consumer. When the items become available from the retailer, this is the most important stage. When an artist or band releases a new video or appears on TV, high street stores have an influx of clothing similar to or related to what was worn.

Pop stars have such an influence on fashion that entire genres are created from the type of clothing they wear. Their look is often tailored to suit the type of music they create so that the fans will immediately feel comfortable wearing similar styles of clothing. This is then catered to by retailers and magazines which further emphasize these new styles.

Their fashion is often only followed by men of a similar age to the star in question. This is because of a very age specific influence pop stars have. Men who may be a fan but are older are excluded somewhat from following the style or trend. Following their idols style shows an interest in a certain genre so it is often younger audiences who follow more closely.

Mba Fashion Management A Career Who Believes In Setting Trends

The trend of education keeps on changing. The ever changing innovation and the world high class education tend you to follow the new courses in order to sustain in the world. Better you change or you will lose the fight.

The biological theory of Charles Darwin stays very apt here, Survival of the fittest. Stay fit and enjoys the economical world. In this article we are going to talk about the most trending in the education world that is management. A course that is defining the fashion world, the aspirant gets exposed to the arena of most flashing fashion industry.

And what later, with the spirit high in the mind, the toads in the fashion industry, powered by management courses define the new lifestyle. The passion collaborated with the zeal give birth to a fashion entrepreneur. A person who has own possession of fashion enterprise.

He/she is not employed but an employer in which world sees the dream. The entrepreneur is the trend setter he has ventures, ideas are the responsible one to take the risks. One positive step taken and the profits comes in flowing similarly one negative step may trim the cash flow.

The fashion entrepreneur needs to be very balanced and it doesnt come inherited. It needs to be incorporated among eligible students so that he/she can define the story for the world.

It is MBA in fashion and you get to know the technicalities of the ever changing world. Better course and right exposure to the world where interaction with the pro of the industries are must. This exposure not only gives you the right interactive elevation but also help you build your career according to the industries.

These fashion industries give you the lucrative salary and also the platform where you can show your talent and gain the fame urged for.

Fashion Management: Get to know the todays Perspective

Recent research and authority publication indicates that management concepts are similar to fashion. It never remains constant but is variable and keeps on changing. A theory of fashion aesthetic and technical aspects says that the main root of the trending fashion lies in itself only.

The fashion management may fall with time and apparently rise too. It is decided by the arena of fashion industries. Some definable players include great fashion authors who plays a vital role in convincing the mob, management seminar, to give the practical exposure and lastly good business schools which make the present (aspirant student) according to the requirement of the industries.

Management fashions and the principles proliferated by them prove useful in reshuffling projects with different organizations. The main motive is to simplify the initiation process and later conceptualizing it in a better way. The political man oeuvres during the completion or execution help in making organization appear their rational aspects.

It is known to the world that ever changing fashion industries requires leaders from the world. There innovative and creative mind sets the outlook. The practical theory keeps the student abreast of the latest trends and recent courses. There are magazines and Journals for Marketing and Management which guarantee the future fashion mangers to get tuned with latest thinking and fashion practices.

Key benefits: Fashion Management

The courses confirm that you get the right set of the fashion technology. You will know the fashion world better and would have a good glance of the subject. Lets have a look at the important benefits of the fashion management techniques with its concept.

  1. You will be able to compare the pricing and standards of International clothing
  2. You will be able to identify managerial processes and able to detect the buyer behavior
  3. You will be able to evaluate and able to manipulate socioeconomic factors of the fashion industry
  4. A good manager is able to discover the conjecture behind every new design of any leading fashion houses
  5. You have right/ability to implement strong branding in order to create a desirable product image

Emerging global fashion

As the global population boom, there are inevitable implications on livestock. Demand for food and shelter have grown manifold resulting in an alarming scarcity of land meant for rearing animals, says Satyadeep Chatterjee.

Trends have to be predicted taking into consideration possible drastic changes. Fashion consumers are becoming more conscious of the environment. They prefer eco-friendly material, conservative use of resources, reduced emission of pollutants, greater social commitment and fair treatment of employees in production facilities.

The presence of a large number of players in the sector has intensified the competition to garner a larger chunk of the market share of this lucrative industry. On the demand front, consumers are rapidly aligning towards new designs and innovative leather offerings to ensure they are in sync with changing fashion trends. Another factor that needs to be taken into account is the rise of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) economies. Their dominant position in the labour-intensive textile and leather industries makes it difficult for other countries to match them.

Owing to high demand, the leather goods industry is on a growth spree. Forecasts are, this vertical will grow at a CAGR of 3.4 percent over the next five years and will touch US$ 91.2 billion by 2018.

The softest, most luxurious leather comes from the skin of newborn or even unborn calves. Sourcing this leather is unethical. Though it is a very durable and flexible material, the process of tanning leather is incredibly toxic. Most of it is chrome tanned, which results in carcinogenic chromium (VI) being pumped into the water table.

In many countries, quality standards are very high. Leather manufactures are trying to produce more sustainable products by prohibiting harmful dyes and chemicals. Unfortunately, only a few customers are willing to pay more for these ‘greener’ products. One pioneer of this trend is renowned fashion designer, Stella McCartney, who is using eco-friendly material for her shoes and handbags.

Innovation in luggage and leather goods with new technologies and design is the major driving force for the industry. LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA, Coach, Inc., Kering SA, Prada S.p.A, and Hermes International SCA are some of the major manufacturers of the luggage and leather goods industry.

Professors at the University of Delaware chemical department are developing artificial eco-leather that can be used to make shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories. Richard Wool, director of University of Delaware, said at the 17th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference in Bethesda, “We are basically taking aerospace engineering of highly complex materials and using it to make wearable items that offer a much better design for consumers, than the original design from an animal would be. And it is all green and sustainable.”

A Look At The 1950s Fashion

Fashion in the 1950s generated a lot of innovative and distinct styles. This was the year when America was starting to start anew after the Second World War. It was also the era that spelled optimism to a lot of people whose life was left devastated because of the remnants of the war. America’s transmutation was highly signified by fashion.

Deviating from the accustomed way of dressing and fixing themselves, women in this epoch started to be more carefree and moved away from the familiar norms they got used to. The standard dresses were put aside and a more laid-back and unfussy clothes were worn. The most common attire worn by women then was a dress. The dresses were not formal, rein-strapped, with circular skirts and tiny collars emphasized them. Available in restrained colors and with spectacular velvet bows, daring ruffles and tulle trim were the evening dresses. Evening dresses were fitted and highlighted with pure silk without sleeves and straps.

The full skirts of the 50s were widely accepted but a little prop up was done. To augment their look, nylon petticoats were made primarily for these skirts to make them fuller. Its being good in quality as well as easy to manage fabric has made nylon to be the favored choice of material for this purpose. With the addition of the petticoat, the skirts became fuller. Developed by Jacques Fath in the 1940s, the swing coat is another fashion milestone in this era. The swing coat’s outline was created to envelop the skirts and was ideal for the high incidence of pregnancy after the war. Another development in the 50s was the “trapeze dress”. Triangular in form and worn with low-heeled shoes and a chignon hair style is the characteristic of this dress. The next era modified the trapeze dress to a shorter baby doll tent style dress. Christian Dior’s H-line of 1954 was considered to be the best traditional item of clothing from the 50s. This included a slender tunic-style suit that goes with a tight skirt. Other creations of Dior which gained acceptance were the A and Y lines. Even as he ruled the fashion industry, the 1950s belongs to Christian Dior. Women became too eager with his creations as his huge clothing showed their femininity. Hubert Givenchy is another designer who established the Parisian style of dress in 1957, popularly known as the Sack. This style of dress started the straighter-waist outfit. It was first created into the fitted darted sheath dress and became a loose straight short shift dress later on.

And who wouldn’t know Coco Chanel? One of the major designers in the 1950s, Chanel brought into the scene the bauble and full skirts. The squared old-fashioned Chanel suit jackets and bedecked skirts and elaborate fleece were creations of Chanel. Since Chanel uses only richly elaborate materials, his creations are normally expensive. The outline of Chanel’s suits were direct and exquisitely lined with silk making it more cultured, classic and beautified the details. A series of pearls and jackets without collars were added to Chanel’s designs and has become very much in fashion in that age. Introduced in the late 1950’s, the empire line is one of the most considered old-fashioned trends. The empire line of clothing was focused on shirts and dresses and became a hit to the teens because of their virtuousness; thus, the term “baby doll style” was thought of. In the 50s, teens were to dress like adults. Because of its outstanding distinction from what mothers used to wear during that time, the empire line got the attention of America’s teen population.

Not considered a target market group, teenagers were a new thing and it was only in the 1950s that they got to be recognized. This was brought to the minds of the adults via magazine, television, films and rock music. The 1950s also signified a lot of growth particularly in the field of science, thus it was also referred to as the “Space Age”. These many life changes were all credited to the just concluded World War II, which made America to surface from the destruction of war to richness and a new character. The consumer-based society started to bloom which was greatly pressed on by the credit card system. The fashion world was not left out in this manner. In fact, it was seriously egged on by these new situations as most Americans tried to keep the regularity of ideals and trends. Fresh from the wounds of World War II, Americans only wanted to live a normal life. Television sets came into full view in the 1950s where it found its place in a lot of homes. I Love Lucy, a famous program on the television was able to build the relationship among Americans to a strong sense of unity. The issue of being black or white was no longer entertained as students from both races were accepted in the same school. But that does not mean that racial prejudice was totally forgotten; there are still some strain on this issue. Civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. likewise surfaced in the 1950s. This age also made Americans to fear communism as the latter had conquered other countries. Additional transformations such as the introduction of the first space satellite, DNA breakthrough, more women being employed and yes, rock and roll music all happened in the 1950s. American citizens were deeply affected by the changes in social, economic and political issues in the globe and consequently, the business of fashion.

However, fashion was, to a great extent, swayed by the favored celebrities of consumers despite of issues concerning the world. James Dean, Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe were just some of these celebrities whose manner of dressing was adored by consumers. The sexy but uncomplicated style of Marilyn Monroe was emulated by American women who were unmindful of their shape and size. Considered a big influence, Elvis Presley had a huge following especially from the female crowd in the 1950s. He, nonetheless, also became an inspiration to the male crowd. Presley deviated from the conventional outfit worn by men at that epoch which consist of navy suits and ties. Following the African American way of outfit, Elvis Presley wore undomesticated pegged chinos and soot suits that made the conservative groups in America to react. The makeup, vivid and loose-fitting clothes and the earthy dance moves of Elvis Presley was held responsible for the devastation of the morals of the youth. Not the entire male crowd imitated Elvis anyway. A lot of them, though, preferred to the conservative way of dressing.

Dark brown, charcoal and dark blue were the colors of men’s clothes in the 1950s. There were those who opt to wear pallid pink who wanted to be different just to get noticed. It did, nevertheless, gained momentum in that age. Popular among athletes and adult men at that age was the cardigan sweater. Similarly, checkered thermals, jackets with collars and fitting vests were a hit for men. Men’s litheness in their way of dressing was very much evident and shirt tails is an ordinary thing to be seen among men. It was also in the 1950s that fedora hats arrived in the fashion scene for men.

If fedora hats for men became available in the 50s, women’s fashion was also invaded with these chic accessories in the same epoch. Hats were regarded as the ultimate element to make any kind of woman’s attire glamorous. Fashion designer, Balenciaga, pioneered the pillbox hat in the 50s. Jackie Kennedy became the famous wearer of the pillbox hat and with that this Balenciaga hat was considered as one of the up-to-the-minute and cool fashion accessories of that period. Since then, numerous other hats entered the world of fashion for women. Swathed in flower petals with some embellished in georgette twirls were the other presentation of women’s hats. Women with high stature in society wore gloves on their hands to finally complete their attire. Gloves were ordinarily made of cotton because nylon and leather are very expensive. Also at that time, cream and white hues of gloves were the most popular choices even though different colors and styles of gloves are available. In the same way, trimmings of fur and decorated collars were enormously chic in the 50s. Another sensational and attractive accessory at that time was the brooches.

Tracing back, the 1950s saw a lot of fashion changes which were greatly influenced by economic concerns, political discussions, celebrities and the mass media. Women from this era emerged from the simple woman to being the liberated woman of America and it was in the fashion world that these changes were deeply depicted. In summary, the 1950s really played an important part in the way Americans live.

Tennis fashion

The connection between sports and fashion is intriguing, says A. Yaamini.

At a glance, many may believe that sports courts are far from the ramp. Reality shows that sports and games which started as a recreational or social event, had an influential effect on fashion.

The dress worn by men and women during these events were linked to their social status and traditional values. As sports became popular and accessible to most people belonging to various social segments and strata, the fashion associated with the sport also evolved.

Fashion in tennis

Tennis is associated with British aristocracy and it gradually spread to various other countries with British occupation. Then, it went further. Currently, there are four Grand Prix championships conducted for tennis: Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and Australian Open. Apparel, both off and on court, in the various tournaments has always grabbed the attention of the game’s fans on one side and fashionistas on the other.

White for Wimbledon

The very British Wimbledon is considered the most prestigious tennis tournament. It is the only tennis tournament that employs the strict all-white dress code while all other tournaments have relaxed theirs to a great extent. There are a few reasons for the preference for white.

  • Wimbledon is a summer event and white is considered apt for summers.
  • Tennis was started as a leisure game for British royalty and army men at social gatherings. The athletic activity of the game lead to sweat that altered the look of coloured garments. That was considered inappropriate, hence white was preferred.

Wimbledon claims to uphold this tradition with strict rules on dress, inner wear, footwear and accessories.

In England and France, women started playing tennis at social gatherings and events. Later, the leisure game evolved into a championship game, first for men and later, also for women.

It is interesting to note the changes in women’s tennis dress and the various social, cultural and political factors that influenced this evolution process. The World Wars, movies, celebrities, art movements, change in attitudes and economic factors have had a fair share of contribution to the changes.

In the earlier years of the Wimbledon championships, a woman player wore a long, ankle length skirt with a full-sleeve shirt tucked in, and a tie. This tradition was followed by all English players. The attire was formal and met the standards of English tradition.