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Beautiful Burgundy Fashion Tips

Fashion gurus and style magazines are always telling us to coordinate the colour of clothes to create chic styles. Sound advice if you know the colours to mix and match, extremely confusing and annoying for those who struggle to coordinate and match colours!

If you love aubergine and burgundy a few simple rules should be applied to ensure you achieve a chic and very stylish outfit!

* Steer away from teaming with black during the spring and summer otherwise you will look drab and lifeless!

* Burgundy is a great alternative to black and dark blue as it will make you feel and look slimmer, particularly if you ensure your burgundy garments suit your body shape!

* Blue hues of burgundy teams beautifully with lavender, olive green and mushroom.

* Brown burgundy looks stunning when worn with contrasting green gold, tobacco or orange and flame inspired colour combinations.

* Burgundy which veers towards the pink spectrum looks striking teamed with beige grey, pink and nectarines shades.

If you don’t have a pair of shoes in the same contrasting colour opt for brown or olive green rather than black. Never wear black accessories, necklaces, earrings or belts with burgundy as they will simply flatten the beautiful colour.

Be careful which shade of burgundy you choose, if it is too dull or cold it can be very ageing which will do little to make you feel or look good!

This seasons mix of bright colours enables burgundy to be worn with wonderful vibrant shades to lift an outfit, by creating great visual effects. Try teaming aubergine with lime green for a trendy and stylish look.

As with any colour combinations the key is to match the same shades and hues, once you have mastered how to do this it will be virtually impossible to have a miss matched outfit unless you choose to deliberately to do it! Deliberate colour clashing is one of this seasons trends adopted by many fashion designers. As such you can team burgundy with electric blue or lipstick red for a sassy trendy look.

Opt for shades and hues which brighten your face. You may think that burgundy doesn’t suit you, however try a different shade and you will be surprised just how versatile gorgeous burgundy is!

Women who wear plus size clothing should opt to wear burgundy shades on the bottom half if they want to achieve a slimming look for large hips and bottoms. Whereas burgundy on the top half is a great way to bring colour to your complexion and accentuate the bust! Burgundy shades look particularly stunning on olive skin tones.