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Black Dresses – from the depths of mystic to the world of everyday fashion

Black Dresses were worn for sad events rather than for happy events in the past. They also wore Black Dresses for many mystical rituals that were linked with superstition. Then men started wearing black trousers for official or formal occasions. Eventually, they wore black trousers and a black overcoat for a variety of occasions. Black garments were still not a common dress among women. In the 19 century, the little Black Dress came to exist and it achieved great success in the garment arena. In fact, throughout the 19th century and thereafter and up to now, the Little Black Dress has been in the forefront in the arena of female garments.

With this development the nagging fear of society that Black Dresses are not for happy occasion faded. In fact, they became a symbol of modern fashion among many celebrities. When the glamour of Hollywood linked with black outfits, every other country put aside the myth surrounding Black Garments and instead it became places full of ladies who wear black for formal as well as informal events. After this fashion revolution, black outfits were worn for funerals as well as for weddings. They are also used as uniforms in many reputable institutions, factories and many other fields.

One good example of the popularity of black garments is the Little Black Dress. This one is very short and no extravagant designs are used. Just plain black cloth is the main material for the entire dress. It has no sleeves and the neck cut is wide with most Little Black outfits. The dress can be worn with an additional jacket covering the upper part. The lower part reaches to just above the knee level. A lady does not have to spend much on such a dress. In addition, they can wear one to any occasion. Only thing is they just have to add appropriate accessories in accordance with the event that they intend to be present in a Little Black Dress.

Apart from the Little Black Dresses, ladies are now fortunate enough to have a plethora of Black Dresses. There are jeans, trousers, blouses, skirts, shorts, ball gowns and bridal dresses etc., in black to be found in the market. Their designs are constantly changing. Black garments, are more often, available with a mix of other colours. White and off colour cloth are used in this regard. Nevertheless, any strong colour can also be used in a black garment since every colour complements with the hue of black.