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Fashion Designer Games Unleash Your Creativity

Do you pay great attention to detail and cut? Is it your secret desire to design elegant, cute and sexy clothes? Now turn your fashion dreams into reality with fashion designer games. The fashion games take you on a virtual tour of the ever-glamorous world of fashion and fashionistas. The game-playing experience will not only boost your interest in fashion, but will also provide you a hands-on experience in styling, colors and design.

A majority of fashion designer games are for fun and are particularly designed for tween girls. However, there are also some games which are targeted to attract more mature online gamers or those who are serious about styling and designing. Most of these games consist of designing outfits for dolls, styling fashion accessories or dressing up drop-dead gorgeous models where you use mouse to click on dresses to give the models a complete makeover. You can also change the makeup, eyelashes, haircut and complexion of the models to compliment the dresses and accessories.

Some games also let you deck up your own eBoutique. Look at all the options for flooring, paint, wallpaper and furniture and click on the preferred option with your mouse. Once you are finished, your eBoutique will look like a real fashion store.

You can also create your own unique and distinctive fashion brand, and then sell your creations to other online gamers for virtual money. You can participate in virtual auctions where other gamers can bid for your exquisite creations.

In the recent times many hot-shot fashion designers are launching fashion gaming sites. They add their creations to the site, and also take part in the live online chats with online gamers. Some even hold a virtual fashion contest on their website and judge the creativity of the online participants. You can stitch together your innovative stylish designs and if your online creations wow the designers then you can even get a chance to meet them in their design studio to learn about the styling and designing process. So, all the wannabe fashionistas dont let this exciting opportunity go out of your hands! Check out the fashion designer gaming websites and unleash your creative side.