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Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion violations demand attention, their existence is prominent but ever-so avoidable. Unassuming fashion victims must learn – there are just things you don’t do! Yes there are plenty of rules in the fashion world but they are easy to follow and easy to learn. As vein as it may seem, no matter who you are, where you live or what you do, people are constantly judging you based on your appearance. Sadly there is no way around this fact and while it’s not fair to judge a book by its cover, it doesn’t hurt to put a little effort into making it look good. Here are some fashion rules and guidelines to keep you from getting hit by the fashion police!

The Canadian Tuxedo Mixed Denim

A childhood friend of mine was convinced that she was going to name her poor children Denim and Lace, yikes. I’m sure she’s moved onto naming those future rug rats after more sophisticated fabrics but we can learn a little lesson Don’t ever mix denim and Lace, and even more so, DON’T Ever MIX DENIM. There is nothing that makes my eyes madder than seeing mixed denim because no matter how cute the style of the clothes, it simply doesn’t match. As a rule of thumb, avoid too much of any denim at all costs. Match your cute jeans jacket with a pair of Kaki pants. Don’t buy jeans that have different denim as the pocket. Run far, far away from the Canadian Tuxedo!

Nerd Alert – Sandals and Socks

Maybe the biggest fashion No No of summer is the Sandals and Socks rule. No matter how cool you think those Tevas are, they don’t go with socks, period. Wearing socks with your Sandals really defeats the purpose and more importantly, well, it looks like crap. If you’re nervous about showing your feet avoid sandals all together, if you need to wear socks at work wear a shoe that covers your feet. I hate to say it but the combination is a certified Nerd AlertUse sandals right and no one gets hurt!

The Mother of all Clashes – Navy Blue & Black

Both Navy Blue and Black are neutral colors and both go with a lot of different colors; what they don’t go with are each other. Mixing navy blue and black is a major fashion mistake. In some lights you may find it hard to differentiate the two but get out in the sun and the clash is noticeable, noticeable and very bad. Match black shirts with black shoes match navy with anything but black: try cream, white, beige or brown. If you notice you’re wearing any combination of navy and black, change immediately!

More Taboos:

  • Scrunchies
  • Cow Boy Hats
  • Exposed Underwear
  • Acid-Washed Anything
  • Clothes your husband or boyfriend wore
  • High-Wasted Pants
  • Cleavage Overload
  • Dressing too young for your age
  • Wearing pajamas out of bed
  • Clothes that are too tight Avoid the muffin top!

Faux Pas now No Flaw Horizontal Stripes

Sometimes the most major don’ts end up being major fashion Do’s. Horizontal stripes are now inWhat? Lately many lunch-skipping celebrites like the Olsen twins have been pulling the stripes off. InStyle Magazine reports that according to designer Kyutae Kim, Wearing Variegated stripes can actually highlight your favorite features. Not sold? I’m not sure I am either, horizontal stripes make you look wider because the pattern plays tricks on your eyes. According to the Wall Street Journal in the article The New Skinny on Horizontal Stripes: Robert Verdi, a stylist and host of Style Network’s “Fashion Police” show, says stripes can be more flattering now because many fabrics are made with Lycra, which makes the stripes skim the body. Still, he says women whose bra size is larger than a C-cup, or who have more than an eight-inch difference between their waist and hip measurements should avoid horizontal stripes. So, if you’re comfortable in vertical stripes and especially comfortable with your curves I guess by all means give the look a try, it’s no longer a Faux Paw, for now