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Fashion In Action Princess Polly

Conscientious fashion. Not normally a phrase you hear very often in the fashion world, but there is a new trend when it comes to supporting new designers and acting charitably. Princess Polly is a boutique online and retail store brand that is changing the way we shop and raising our awareness of those less fortunate than ourselves. I discovered Princess Polly through Facebook, and have been enjoying their regular updates showcasing the talent behind upcoming brands, as well as paying hommage to more established brands like Cooper St (which I am a HUGE fan of). Princess Polly is about individual, unique design talent that is still somehow mainstream without being commercialised.

The fashion at Princess Polly is young, cute and almost nostalgic, yet is tempered by the addition of glamorous items such as the Knock on Wood Dress and See the Sun Playsuit by Finders Keepers and the Button Bustier Top or Wind Beneath Dress by Cameo. Its very difficult to visit their online store without finding a number items that youd want to buy straight away! Every item is essentially feminine, and really represents a more playful, summery and festival feel. Their prints are statement without being too bold, and Ill bet that you can mix-and-match most of their items with your existing wardrobe. My top 3 favourite items that are on my wishlist include:

  1. Baxter Dress by Finders Keepers
  2. Aurora Dress
  3. Holly Dress by Motel

Not only do they have so many to-die-for items available, but they complete the package by adding just the right type of accessories to complement your purchase. Lets just say that browsing the Princess Polly website can often be very addictive!

I am also keeping a keen eye on their New Arrivals page, and Im saving my pennies for this gorgeous LBD – Button Me Dress by Cameo, which I can see becoming a firm favourite in my LBD section of my wardrobe.

So not only do Princess Polly offer the whole kit-and-caboodle when it comes to trending fashion, but they also offer you, yes YOU! the opportunity to run your very own Princess Polly Boutique License. Polly 100 is a franchise program aimed at fashion-addicts; ladies who either run their own fashion store or who have worked in retail and want to kick it up a notch by running their own business and being their own boss. With a powerful, behind-the-scenes management and marketing program for Polly 100 owners under the Princess Polly umbrella, you will have access to a fully-inclusive support scheme that works with you along the way. If youve been thinking about getting into fashion, then get in touch with them today to see if this is the new path youve been looking for.

Another reason I am such a huge fan of Princess Polly is their business ethos. I mentioned conscientious fashion earlier, and Princess Polly proudly support The Amira Project (TAP), an Australian Community project targeting young women at risk. By organising and hosting annual Princess Parties around Australia, TAP are able to provide support and education for these young women by researching the issues affecting them and finding a solution. What I find so remarkable about TAP is that they are solution-focused, and instead of trying to solve the symptoms of these issues, they look to find the cause. Many young women in our communities are affected by depression, self-harm, teenage pregnancies and low self-esteem, so it is particularly heart-warming to see such a Project tackle these issues head on.