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Fashion Jewelry For Teenagers

Teenagers are a fickle bunch.They keep experimenting with their look with the use of latest fashion trends and stuffs at the stage of their physical and psychological growth.Teen jewelry fashion plays a major part in the development of their identity and efforts to either blend in with the crowd or establish their own unique persona.

These teenagers are highly influenced by the fashion trends and jewelries that they see their favorite celebrity wearing in the music album and videos.The oversized, ostentatious accoutrements favored by rap musicians have spawned the hip-hop jewelry trend, and teenagers have been patronizing lower-priced but accurate replicas of celebrity bling bling.The duplicate jewelries are made up of base metals and cheaper zirconia rather than the expensive gems and diamonds used in the celebrity’s jewelry.Both the pierced and non pierced jewelry made up of inexpensive and regular metals are in huge demand by the teenagers .

When it comes to the women teen jewelry, woven friendship bracelets, rings and beaded jewelry are few of the hot trends.These jewelries so easy to make that even a teenager can make it and gift it to his or her friends.These jewelries are customized using a woven fibers and the beads with the name of the recipient written on it.Many teenagers also wear certain types of jewelry to identify them as part of a clique or group.These may take the form of uniquely designed pendants, rings or charms that have spiritual or mystical overtones.

The fashion statement of trendy jewelries is also much affected by the young celebrities.Items worn by teen stars, such as Hilary Duff’s slave bracelets, are copied by her non-celebrity counterparts.However, whimsical designs are still hugely popular among this set of young consumers.Gold- or silver-plated jewelry and jewelry that has gemstones has not lost its following among teenagers.

Some masculine teen jewelry fashion trends, on the other hand, tend to lean more toward beadwork, silverwork, leatherwork, and unusual stones.As per teenage guys, jewelry like surfer-dude necklace, arm bands made up of bone, wood, shell beads gives them a cool look.Stainless steel jewelry is another favorite choice of teenage guys.

Jewelry has been used by all people throughout history as marks of beauty or to denote social status.Teenage jewelry fashion is part of their social arsenal and a tool in the development process.