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Influence Of Traditional Bengali Fashion On Kolkata Fashion And Lifestyle Week

Traditional Bengali ensembles are once again setting the trend of Kolkata fashion in years to come.

Kolkata- the home of all Bengalis, intellectuals, romantics and aristocratic in their unique sensibility. This city of volatile political stands and ardent love for football shows commitment of passionate intensity-be it in political demonstrations, football or cricket matches, art and architecture, religion festivities, adda and foods. This city has also shown immense development in the fields of style and fashion. With a rich treasure of fashion designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Ritu Beri, Dev r Nil, Wendell Rodricks, Biwi Russel to name a few of the renowned ones, we are consistently riding the changing trends of Kolkata fashion. We, the Kolkatans are basically rooted deep with our cultures and traditions. West Bengal has traditional weaving patterns and fabrics that vary from one area to another. No two districts have the same weaving patterns and same fabrics and that well explains the diversity of Kolkata fashion and its traditional origins.

Since its establishment, Kolkata fashion and lifestyle week, being the biggest fashion portal in West Bengal, understands the funda of Kolkata fashion. That is why it has been successful in playing with fashion yet becoming the focal point of fashion. Since its establishment, this organization has been the dashboard for many young fashion designers. It aims to take the style of Kolkata to India and to present our apparel styles to the world.

Kolkata fashion world is mostly about saris and ethnic wears. This elegant piece of clothing has been the inspiration for many designers who modified it, redesigned it and changed it, yet it remained elegant and beautiful. Traditional saris like Dhonekhali, Garad, Dhakai, Baluchari and Kantha is a part of the ensemble. Kolkata fashion world uses sari fabrics from different parts of West Bengal and uses them in their designer lines. Amazingly designers from Kolkata are able to redesign saris over and over to an extent that it never goes out of fashion. Besides the six yards, the Gen Next flaunts diverse dresses and apparels. We Bengalis are all about colors and elegance. An important trend in fashion amongst Bengalis is that we have dusky skin tone and are not skin and bones. This has also caught the world and today dusky complexion is in. Kolkata designs that are featured at the Kolkata fashion and lifestyle week have caught international eyes also. Designers like Armani, Miyaka, fendi are all drawing inspirations from Indian designers and touches of Kolkata is also found on their designer lines.

Thus the Kolkatans are proud that we have succeeded in bringing the traditional weavers and weaves of Bengal and influence the world. Unlike other part of the country, youngsters in Kolkata are attracted more towards designer apparels in traditional themes and cuts. The traditional fabrics of West Bengal are cotton and jute, and all the fashion lines in the Kolkata fashion and lifestyle week incorporates skin friendly natural fabrics. Because of their eco friendly nature, the apparels by designers at Kolkata fashion and lifestyle week are practically appealing and its customers spread countrywide.

The most interesting fact about Kolkata fashion is that we have experimented with all of our traditional apparels be it sari, kurta, salwars or old mans rags-dhoti. With an inexhaustible collection of bridal wears, sports wear, winter collection, our designers are all set to spread the charm of Kolkata all over India. Kolkata fashion and lifestyle week respects diverse tradition and culture of India and takes over to spread the charm of Kolkata fashion.