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Middle Ages and more inspiration for black dresses

Back then, black dresses were important. There was a time, when color was no longer an essential factor for the veil to the dress. What mattered was the richness of the fabric and embellishments. >

At the time of the Middle Ages wore red dresses with golden decorations, representing royalty and power. In Renaissance times the color was not as important as this was embroidered with precious stones, pearls and diamonds. Around the 1700’s were used extensively pastels.

Initiation and more about fashion

Throughout history, the wedding dress has experienced diversity of shapes, colors and styles. Already in ancient Rome at the wedding dresses was a highlight of religious ritual. Truth is, black was strong, too. Thus, today women can even go for black dresses.

In Egypt, the white presiding over numerous ceremonies, while in the middle Ages, brocade and embroidery became the necessary complement to the wedding of the ladies of the nobility. For some historians, was from the ninth century when the dresses were loaded with more symbolism in ceremonies such as marriages.

Over the years, beliefs, traditions, and symbols are added to attach the ritual of marriage and load of mystery to the bride. Sometimes hides the face behind a veil or simply this goes over the head as a sign of innocence. On a journey to past centuries suggests that brides of ancient Greece and Rome used the veil and wedding ceremonies. At that time, the bride should wear the veil to protect against the evil eye of a rival or envy of the other guests still unmarried who came to witness the wedding.

Today, the veil is part of the wedding dress, especially if the ceremony is religious, and their whiteness is the symbol of innocence. However, in some texts from the collection Fashion History, we read that the veil means “take care of your children. Nowadays, black dresses may be good, and the veil can be of a different color.

A style in every decade

The passage of women for years and have had far-reaching achievements in fashion as a witness. Clearly see the changes in black dresses as a social expression, political and economic in time, while in hindsight is marked each time by a trend. And what else reference that one of the most important suits, if not more important, a woman looks in her life: the wedding dress.

Black dresses a symbol of tradition and conservatism in the world of fashion, also went through several transformations to be influenced by the rapid changes of family, social, political, economic and even technological.