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Out of curiosity, what is the fashion element this year

In my former articles, I mentioned some fashion elements this year, such as stripes and lace. And today I will introduce another chic for you. In this season, the bold colors prevailed in 70s show a recovery trend, many famous designers seem to favor the chemical collision results from the match of different bright colors. We can see this trend through the fashion shows of many brands.

In the 2011 spring/summer series, Jill Sander integrated minimalist into clothing by applying blocking of pure shades and contrast colors. Pants with ultra high waist, matched with baggy man’s trench coat, enriched the general idea. Moschino’s little jacket and 9-length pants in classical design, matched with the wild cowboy hat flawlessly. The striking visual compact from the collocation of pure red and blue purple is due to not only the fashion and fabric, but also suitable length ratio of jacket and trousers. Emilio Puccini nevertheless continues the Greek style. Under the contrast with the coral suit jacket, the light gem-blue vest is especially conspicuous.

As being a brand that constantly keeps updating according to consumers’ specifications, it is no doubt that you will find the latest trend on Karen Millen.

The left one is a graphic silk print gown with elasticated belt and Karen Millen buckle. The graphic design is very unique and eye catching, suitable for some grand occasions. Whilst the right one particular is really a signature stretch satin dress with contrasting hues and twisted front panel detail.

Nevertheless, dressing fashion elements on does not necessarily mean that you’re a fashion icon; collocation is the crucial element. Here is some advice for you to select a dress with contrast hues

  1. Complexion is the key factor for you to decide. The white can dress all sorts of shiny and bold color; mild colors could be the wise alternative for the yellow.
  2. In certain situation, for instance, parties, seashores, just dress the shiny colors on; it is the right location to impress others.
  3. No more than three kinds of colors.
  4. The colors of shoes, bags and other accessories should be chosen in accordance with all the daring color of the dresses.