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Jewelers And Fashion Designers Can Take Advantage Of Wholesale Beading Supplies

When talking about beads the first name that strikes in mind is rhinestones, the imitated diamonds that dance in light. But there are more beads than one can every thought. For instance we have fire polished beads that come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Also there are table cut beads, large hole beads, peacock beads and bead mixes. The choice galore when it comes to beads and their varieties. These shining round balls have found their place in fashion and jewelry industry and for this reason jewelers and fashion designers always look for wholesale beading supplies depot from where they can buy quality beads at fair price.

Out of all the beads, rhinestones are the first choice of everyone. Since original rhinestones are hardly available today, people have found their substitute in factory cut rhinestones. Swarovski crystals are the most popular factory made rhinestones that are available on wholesale beading supplies for your use. Other rhinestones you can buy on wholesale price are Preciosa crystals and Asian crystals. In addition to rhinestones, we have seed beads & charlottes, sew-on stones, glass pearls, Preciosa pearls, jewelry pendants and much more. Everything is available at pocket friendly price.

Make A Moderate Fashion Statement With Ugg Bailey Button Boots

How to make a unique style statement? This becomes one of the most significant issues focused by most modern females. They always desire to be noticed and remembered among those dazzling appearances. To bring some sparkles to their looks, they hunt for flattering dresses, ornate clutches, exquisite belts and also branded shoes sometimes. Till now, more and more females do begin to wake up to the importance of a trendy pair on their feet. Believe it or not, your shoes can be fabulous complements to your outfit.

Due to the higher aspirations for luxury embraced by girls in today’ s era, most of them opt for designer footwear while shopping. They try to keep pace with the latest fashion sense or some fantastic trends set by distinguished celebrities on a red-carpet occasion. But let’ s face it: people who can afford high-end luxury are only in the minority. Some fashion followers spare no expenses to spice up their looks with the newest editions from worldwide famous brands. But there are also some people who keep calm and apply their own ideas to their style impressions. Surely, the latter make better fashion statements most of time. After all,

Five Fashion Faux Pas When It Comes To Wearing Trainers

Trainers and sneakers have come a long way from the gym – today you’ll find them on fashion runways and catwalks as urban wear is well truly the latest craze in the fashion world. Brands such as Puma, Nike and Onitsuka Tiger sneakers are becoming all the rage – and they sport the hefty designer price tags to match. Many top of the line lables are lending a hand in stylising and creating – not a sneaker, but really a pair of footwear art. While sneaker traditions are certainly being cast aside, there are still a number of steadfast fashion no-no’s when it comes to trainer wear.

Don’t be caught making one of these classic fashion faux pas

White Sneakers with Black Jeans – made famous by Jerry Seinfeld, but still cringe worthy unless you want to be labelled a geek. However, there are some new takes on this traditional fashion-don’t, with celebrities like Justin Timberlake hitting the red carpet in white sneakers and a black suit for the MTV Video Music Awards. However, unless you liken your fashion conscience to those of Timberlake – it’s probably best to steer clear.

Ditch the Visible Sock,

Fashion Designers In Kolkata The Underdogs Of The Fashion Industry

Fashion designing in Kolkata appears to have taken an upward swing today. Fashion designers in Kolkata have never had it better. With many of them participating in International fashion shows, their hard work is finally paying off. Kolkata today is now fast securing a foothold in the fashion map of the world. Fashion designers in Kolkata are now being subjected to increasing adulation, thanks to exposure they have received over the past few years. Fashion designers in Kolkata cater to Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear and Mass Market and Prt segments. With more institutes dedicated to fashion designing being established in Kolkata, fashion designing as career seems to be a bright prospective today. The number of fashion designers in Kolkata has increased exponentially over the past few years. Today many of them have their own exclusives lines and are even proud owners of high-end fashion boutiques.

A haute couture fashion designer is one who designs exclusively for one individual. These designers work usually with high-end, expensive fabric and embellishments. Their work is time consuming as most of their garments are hand stitched. Great attention is paid to detail. Looks and fit are given priority over cost. The garment will

Influence of celebrity dresses on fashion

Celebrity dresses have an influence on fashion. When an individual come across his/her favourite celebrity, the dress worn by the celebrity is assumed to be as -in’ and people try to follow the fashion as being opted by celebrity. Behind the scene, these celebrities worn dresses of stylists on their demand because stylists are looking forward for an individual who has natural beauty and they could promote the dresses of that particular stylist. The basic purpose behind the scene is to earn profit and revenue. Celebrities do not even have the sense to wear trendy dresses in their real life.

They are being influenced by the dresses of stylists. In past few decades, celebrities were related to promote the business of stylists by wearing dresses of those stylists. People regard these dresses as Celebrity dresses and they prefer to wear these dresses on formal occasions. However with the passage of time, the trend is changing and celebrities are introducing their own line of dresses. Most of celebrity dresses are worn by celebrities in order to gain fame. Celebrity dresses often have reflection of the personality of the particular celebrity.

Individuality is a factor by which there

Men’s Fashion Trends And Pop Stars

Something that has always been an influence on men’s fashion is pop stars. The current music charts and the most popular and successful artists create the latest trends. An early example would be when a large following of Beatles fans began wearing smart suits and high collar coats. A more recent example would be JLS who went against the current indie trend with very individual and fresh outfits when they appeared for the first time.

Naturally men will take notice of what pop stars wear and how they wear garments as they are in the public eye. Pop stars styles are often used as case studies in dedicated sections to fashion in men’s magazines; creating a perceived image of how men should dress and more so how they should look entirely.

Of course men taking notice of pop stars is not the only influence on men’s fashion. The retailers play a large role too. It is only a small part of the process when the pop star has an influence on the consumer. When the items become available from the retailer, this is the most important stage. When an artist or band releases a new video

Mba Fashion Management A Career Who Believes In Setting Trends

The trend of education keeps on changing. The ever changing innovation and the world high class education tend you to follow the new courses in order to sustain in the world. Better you change or you will lose the fight.

The biological theory of Charles Darwin stays very apt here, Survival of the fittest. Stay fit and enjoys the economical world. In this article we are going to talk about the most trending in the education world that is management. A course that is defining the fashion world, the aspirant gets exposed to the arena of most flashing fashion industry.

And what later, with the spirit high in the mind, the toads in the fashion industry, powered by management courses define the new lifestyle. The passion collaborated with the zeal give birth to a fashion entrepreneur. A person who has own possession of fashion enterprise.

He/she is not employed but an employer in which world sees the dream. The entrepreneur is the trend setter he has ventures, ideas are the responsible one to take the risks. One positive step taken and the profits comes in flowing similarly one negative step may trim the cash flow.

Emerging global fashion

As the global population boom, there are inevitable implications on livestock. Demand for food and shelter have grown manifold resulting in an alarming scarcity of land meant for rearing animals, says Satyadeep Chatterjee.

Trends have to be predicted taking into consideration possible drastic changes. Fashion consumers are becoming more conscious of the environment. They prefer eco-friendly material, conservative use of resources, reduced emission of pollutants, greater social commitment and fair treatment of employees in production facilities.

The presence of a large number of players in the sector has intensified the competition to garner a larger chunk of the market share of this lucrative industry. On the demand front, consumers are rapidly aligning towards new designs and innovative leather offerings to ensure they are in sync with changing fashion trends. Another factor that needs to be taken into account is the rise of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) economies. Their dominant position in the labour-intensive textile and leather industries makes it difficult for other countries to match them.

Owing to high demand, the leather goods

A Look At The 1950s Fashion

Fashion in the 1950s generated a lot of innovative and distinct styles. This was the year when America was starting to start anew after the Second World War. It was also the era that spelled optimism to a lot of people whose life was left devastated because of the remnants of the war. America’s transmutation was highly signified by fashion.

Deviating from the accustomed way of dressing and fixing themselves, women in this epoch started to be more carefree and moved away from the familiar norms they got used to. The standard dresses were put aside and a more laid-back and unfussy clothes were worn. The most common attire worn by women then was a dress. The dresses were not formal, rein-strapped, with circular skirts and tiny collars emphasized them. Available in restrained colors and with spectacular velvet bows, daring ruffles and tulle trim were the evening dresses. Evening dresses were fitted and highlighted with pure silk without sleeves and straps.

The full skirts of the 50s were widely accepted but a little prop up was done. To augment their look, nylon petticoats were made primarily for these skirts to make them fuller. Its being good

Tennis fashion

The connection between sports and fashion is intriguing, says A. Yaamini.

At a glance, many may believe that sports courts are far from the ramp. Reality shows that sports and games which started as a recreational or social event, had an influential effect on fashion.

The dress worn by men and women during these events were linked to their social status and traditional values. As sports became popular and accessible to most people belonging to various social segments and strata, the fashion associated with the sport also evolved.

Fashion in tennis

Tennis is associated with British aristocracy and it gradually spread to various other countries with British occupation. Then, it went further. Currently, there are four Grand Prix championships conducted for tennis: Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and Australian Open. Apparel, both off and on court, in the various tournaments has always grabbed the attention of the game’s fans on one side and fashionistas on the other.

White for Wimbledon

The very British Wimbledon is considered the most prestigious tennis tournament. It is the only tennis tournament that employs the strict all-white dress code while all other tournaments have relaxed theirs to