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The Top 5 Annual Fashion Shows List

Have you ever been on a fashion show? Wouldnt it be really exciting to be at a grand ballroom with an ambience of luxury and grace, and give applauds as catwalk models amble around? A fashion show might be an entertainment aspect for a common man, but the reason behind the triumph of a show lies the uphill struggle and effort of some top-notch international designers and models. They take care right from minute things to exhibits of fine art, entertainment, jewelry, fashion and more. Each year a number of fashion shows swing around US, but only a few of them get their recognition as a successful one. Read further to know the top five annual fashion shows that have earned a good credit in fashion industry.

  1. Most of the fashion shows that have been presented so far came with a major point of charity. One among such fashion shows, which got a good name among people, is the Scottsdale Fashion Weeks fashion show. Scottsdale Fashion Week not only aims in creating a sustainable fashion show event, but also concentrates on charitable and educational events. Half of the proceeds from ticket sales for fashion show would go to support the Junior League of Phoenix mission for voluntarism and early childhood education and development. Being in its fifth year, Scottsdale Fashion Week celebrates fashion, lifestyle and beauty, with fashion shows complemented by live music and VIP lounges offering a taste of luxury and fashion.
  2. Next comes the most acknowledged fashion show in US. It is nothing but the Couture Fashion Weeks fashion show. Right from 2003, Couture Fashion Week has been presenting a series of couture and luxury fashion shows multiple times each year in New York City, Palm Beach, and other selected cities. They feature in presenting exquisite garments and accessories by engaging fine designers from around the world. The shows also offer world class entertainment that includes exhibits of art and luxury products and services. The luxurious fashion shows presented by Couture Fashion Week held twice a year.
  3. Bridal shows and wedding expos have also reached the ears of several individuals throughout US. Similar such shows are existing throughout the country, but any how the one hosted by Brides World this year has got an ultimate recognition among the audience. One detail that separates Brides World’s bridal shows and wedding expos from other events is the desire to include the groom.
  4. 7th Annual Fashion on the Square is a well-known show on the West Coast of United States. Each year they produce fundraising effort with a worthy non-profit basis. They mainly present the fashion shows for charity and have so far helped Kids in Distressed Situations, Fashion Delivers, Wardrobe for Opportunity, and Fashion Group International. This year they support Fashion Group International and Inner City Youth Sports in San Francisco region.
  5. And finally comes the most recognized show which could even be ranked No.1 among fashion shows around the world. It is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which is an annual fashion show sponsored by Victoria’s Secret, a brand of lingerie and sleepwear. Victoria’s Secret uses the show to promote and market its goods in high-profile settings. The show attracts hundreds of celebrities and entertainers, with special performers and acts every year. Each year, twenty to forty of the world’s top fashion models are selected to perform in the fashion show. One among the factor that makes these top fashion models to differ from other models, is on the fashion accessories they wear. For example, the silver and gold jewels they wear get the quick attention of audience. Most of the popular fashion designers handle such tricks of dressing up their models with jewels and other fashion accessories in order to get a good recognition.